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Threadlift: The Benefits and the Costs

ThreadliftLooking and staying good takes a lot of work. Using cosmetics isn’t enough already most especially if you are already getting older. Luckily, there are now different treatment methods for fighting the inevitable part of growing older which are the signs of aging. Such solutions involve having Botox, laser skin tightening, surgical facelift and threadlift which is gaining in popularity these days.

A threadlift, also known as feather lift surgery, is the process of gently lifting the sagging facial skin or any facial distortion to achieve a more youthful and beautiful appearance. Threadlift involves inserting very fine surgical sutures into the soft tissue of the face which will then lift and support sagging facial areas.

Although it cannot offer the same results as with a full surgical face lift, many patients are already satisfied with the outcomes of threadlift.



Who can be a candidate for a threadlift treatment?

Most cases of threadlift treatment were done on women on their mid-30s between mid-40s. These ages are the periods where signs of aging and facial sagging will start to occur. If you have any of the skin concerns below, you may be a candidate for a threadlift.

  1. Mild or minimal signs of sagging of the eyebrows, eyebags, neck, jowls and cheeks.
  2. Previous plastic surgery (facelift or necklift) treatment is already wearing off.
  3. Younger people with weakened muscles on the parts of cheek and eyebrow
  4. Healthy individuals that have been allowed to undergo such procedure.
  5. Must be between 17-77 years of age.

Who aren’t allowed for a threadlift?

  1. People with bleeding and clotting disorders
  2. People taking anti-coagulants
  3. People with drinking and smoking problems
  4. People that don’t understand and come to terms with the procedure and its outcome.

If you are a suitable candidate for a threadlift procedure, the next thing you need to do is find a qualified threadlift surgeon or practitioner. One must choose a qualified and experienced surgeon to perform the delicate threadlift procedure on them in order to achieve desirable results and in a way a type of assurance that the treatment will be a success.



Below are tips on how to find a reliable and trusted threadlift surgeon.

  1. Be sure to the practitioners qualifications. Don’t be afraid to ask to see certifications proving his expertise in the field of facial rejuvenation treatments.
  2. Choose someone who specializes in the kind of treatment you’re opting for. If you want a facelift, pick someone who has already done several facial threadlift procedures.
  3. It is also advisable that you ask if the surgeon is affiliated with any professional organisations. Check with the organisation whether they recognize the surgeon to perform the delicate procedure or not.
  4. Ask patients who have undergone threadlift from the practitioner you are booking an appointment with and ask to see before and after images of the results. Checking the photographs will give you an insight of the surgeon’s abilities and outcomes.

How much will it cost to have the treatment?

The cost of having a threadlift procedure done varies from clinics to clinics and from countries of operations as well. But if you really want to have the procedure done on you, you have to prepare at least $2,000.  If you’re on a tighter budget, there are other cheaper alternatives too.

If you have other concerns about threadlift, feel free to contact us.


Apps to Help You Stick to an Exercise Regime

exerciseExercise is important but when life gets in the way, it is easy to fall out of your routine of working out. There are so many benefits to working out on a regular basis and a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority, whether you are at home or on the road.  It is easy to lose your motivation if you feel you’re not seeing results fast enough or if you miss a few days. In order to stick to an exercise regime, you have to be dedicated and disciplined. You cannot give up! Finding a great fitness app is a lot like using the buddy system. A workout partner can help keep you motivated, whether it’s geting you into the competitive spirit or just having someone to hold you accountable. An app can do almost the same thing! You can have all of your fitness needs right there at the touch of a button…literally. Sometimes being able to see the progress you are making is all you need to stay on track. There are thousands to choose from, but here are a few of the best and most effective apps to help you stick to an exercise regime.

MyFitness Pal – MyFitness Pal is an app that allows you to keep a food journal, count calories and add and log recipes. It is so easy to use and super fast. This app also allows you to scan barcodes on food items to count calories. You can connect with your friends and log all of your fitness activities and calories burned during your workout.  It helps you reach your weight goals, keeps you in check and when you see the progress you are making all laid out for you, it keeps you motivated. The best part is that this app is completely free!

Carrot Fit – This app is a little different from many of the fitness apps you might have used. If you are someone who needs a drill sergeant’s motivation to help you stick to an exercise regime, this is the one for you! Carrot Fit will throw out judgmental, harsh, even sarcastic comments in a motivating fashion. The app also gives you new workout tips and tricks, but to keep getting the new tips you have to drop at least one pound a week.

Human – Human is a great app that will help you stick to an exercise regime if you are looking for a more relaxed approach. This app encourages you to complete at least 30 consecutive minutes of physical activity every day. This is especially great for those of you who may have a harder time finding the time to exercise on a daily basis due to hectic schedules. Human will track your movements and let you know when you have reached your daily goal.

LoseIt – If you are someone who needs the extra help to keep you motivated and on track so that you will stick to an exercise regime, then LoseIt is a good choice! This app creates a custom weight loss plan for you. It is pretty much like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist, right in your pocket. All you have to do is enter some information about yourself including the goals you want to reach then use the barcode scanner to count your calories and keep a food log. This app pretty much does everything for you except for the actual exercise.

Whether you just want to lose weight, stay fit, or pass your next exam with Driver Physicals to renew your CDL, there’s a plan and an app out there for you to help you do it. Check some of these out and maybe even check with a nutritionist to find a regimen that works with you, and for you.

About the author: 

Anna Donato is a freelance writer and professional student who offers advice and insights on a variety of issues affecting the business community and the self-employed.


Healthy weight loss

Healthy weight lossYou must start your safe as well as Healthy weight loss tip through considering their requirements. There is also no single diet program which will best & appropriate for everyone. However, start assessing any kind of emotional as well as physical conditions which may interfere through weight loss. This is best to check the physician. At the same time, you will also find mainly different experts will also suggest the plan of healthy eating as well as regular exercise of physical for the healthy loss of weight. Moreover, adequate quantity of the vitamins, protein as well as minerals suggested as the daily allowances, must be also considered to include in the plans of weight loss. The plan must also be reduced in the calories, on the other hand not in such essential elements.

This is perfectly known that body needs a specific quantity of the vitamins as well as minerals that can help to function correctly & also to stay healthy. The healthy diet will also supply the body with requisite vitamins & the minerals that it requires. Problems as well as various disorders will mostly arise in the diet are not supplying the body with such important elements. So, we also know that the carbohydrates also have the impact about the levels of blood sugar levels. On the other hand, Glycemic Index is basically the measurement of such kind of impact.