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TMS Therapy

brainDepression is a condition that affects many people throughout the world on a daily basis. It is a certainty that either you or someone you know has been affected by depression at some point in their lives and hasn’t been able to receive the correct treatment for them, either due to stigma or perhaps receiving drugs that had adverse side-effects. Nowadays, the stigma against depression is virtually non-existent. People finally see it as more than a case of “deciding to be unhappy” and that it is a real condition causing sleeplessness, sadness, and a general difficulty in coping with everyday life. Traditional treatments however can still be unsuccessful in many patients, and the wide variety of different antidepressants on the market can make finding the suitable one a tough slog.


At Brainsway, it was important to us that we created a treatment for depression that would be accessible to everyone; one that wouldn’t have the same potential of adverse side-effects as antidepressants, a drug-free treatment option. We have developed a Deep TMS (Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) treatment, which is a non-invasive treatment designed to stimulate the area of the brain that causes depression. Our research shows that our Deep TMS treatment has brought about significant improvements in depression patients with far less adverse side-effects than typical antidepressants.


Our Deep TMS therapy touts a handful of benefits over standard antidepressants. Where antidepressants can become substantially less effect for each subsequent medication trial, Deep TMS treatment is not affected by how many antidepressant trials the patient has undergone. Deep TMS treatment’s documented side-effects are most commonly pain or discomfort in the treatment area such as a headache, and potentially muscle twitching and jaw pain. These are relatively much less severe than typical antidepressant side-effects which can range anywhere from nausea, to increased anxiety, to sexual dysfunction. Deep TMS treatment is also free from the indefinite nature of antidepressants as deep TMS treatment is only carried out for as long as the patient is experiencing a depressive episode, as opposed to antidepressants being prescribed on a permanent or indefinite basis. Clinical results have also been achieved in the same timeframe as antidepressants; 4 – 6 weeks.


Brainway’s deep TMS treatment has proven to be an effective form of depression treatment even for the most drug-resistant cases. Significant improvements have been observed in patients who have tried several different types of antidepressants and saw no difference in any of them. Brainway’s deep TMS treatment sessions are also nearly twice as fast as other treatments, with sessions lasting just 20 minutes. The deep aspect has proven to be far more effective than typical surface TMS treatments, with more than 32% remission rates achieved in the first 4 weeks of treatment as opposed to 9%, respectively. Brainway’s deep TMS treatment also has the advantage over electroconvulsive (ECT) methods in that it does not require anesthesia, does not induce memory less and does not require hospitalisation. It is a much more comfortable form of treatment for the patient as they are not in extended treatment sessions (typically several hours for ECT methods) and can be just as effective, even in extreme cases.


The deep TMS treatments at Brainsway are conducted by placing a cushioned helmet over the patient’s head as they are seated in a chair. During the treatment session they remain awake and alert, and are not in any discomfort as they might be undergoing ECT treatment. The magnetic fields generated by the helmet are similar to those generated in MRI machines, guaranteeing that there will be no immediate discomfort or pain from the waves. The treatment is so non-invasive that patients are even able to drive home after it and carry on with their day as normal.


Brainway’s deep transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment has proven to be as, if not more, effective than the standard forms of depression treatment: electroconvulsive therapy, antidepressants and surface magnetic stimulation. It accomplishes this while also being far less invasive as well as having far less potential to cause truly harmful side-effects as perhaps some of the aforementioned treatments can have. The effectiveness it can have as well as the shortness of the treatments and lack of side effects are ensuring that Brainway’s deep TMS treatment for depression are ushering in a new era of depression treatments and becoming a more and more viable option for depression patients.


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Breast Augmentation dubai

cosmeticThe breast implant is basically intended to add some amount of the volume to the current tissues of the breast and it is considered to be much safe. It is definitely not designed or not meant to change the main shape of your breast or even to lift up the size of your the breast. Availing the expert and high end services of Breast Augmentation dubai will certainly help you to get the desired kind of the results. If you have a goal to lift up the breast lift so in such a case a different kind of the procedure and process will be required. Apart from this, the process of breast augmentation will certainly not give the patient with more of the cleavage.


On the other hand, Cleavage is well determined by width of chest bone. Moreover, various kind of the Attempts were also done to decrease the width as well as to also provide patient with great cleavage possibly might end badly. Despite the fact that a breast augmentation might also add some additional kind of the volume to your breast itself, the push-up as well as the push-in kind of the bra is certainly highly advisable to create the cleavage.

Talk to a doctor online

doc1The web is an open, big and completely free, library for any type of questions that coming in people’s mind. Aside from different types of questions regarding relationships, the very common problems are about disease ailments, symptoms and their treatments. Some completely depend on Google for information of medical about any specific disease, symptom or any medical emergency they presume they have. Thus, it just makes some feasible sense for the world of medical science to make a wonderful place for itself in the online world.

There are so many forums or websites of Doctors where you can post your problem or questions that are replied by trusted Doctors. They use this famous source to reach out to those people who are in requirement of suggestion. Identifying the prospect here, there are some doctors today allot some of their time for online discussions. There are many benefits when you Talk to a doctor online, JustDoc, like if you have any problem then now you can easily discuss with online doctor and get the suitable recommendations. For this, you no need to leave the comfort of your home; you just want a computer and internet connection