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Top 5 nutrition tips to take you through 2017

healthThe first month of 2017 is down, done, gone, dusted, finished. How are your goals for the year looking? Did you start the year with the best intentions and resolutions in mind, only to have those good intentions walk out the door promptly on the first week, along with your new diet and exercise routine?

Don’t stress about it, if you haven’t managed to keep it up, there’s good news, you can start again right now. We put together this simple list of the top 10nthings you need to know and do to sort out your weak nutrition and get yourself back on track to better health in 2017.

  1. Drink more water

Water is the building block of life, often, we don’t drink enough of it. The best part of water is that it tastes great and its calorie free! Sucking down sugar-based sodas, or even the sugar-free ones can keep you from getting lean and will mess around with your blood-sugar.


Keep your insulin under control and train yourself to drink the recommended amount of water for your bodyweight every day, these no room for other sodas and fruit juices and after a week drinking only water, you will begin to feel tremendous as your insulin and blood sugar come under control.

  1. Eat more fruit and veggies

Fruit and veg are amazing things, we often side step them for greasier choices, but eating a daily portion of fruit and vegetables is not as challenging as it seems. Chicken salads or fruit smoothies, these are great examples of creative ways to get in your vegetables, nothing beats a kale shake with fresh ginger and pineapple!

  1. Get your vitamins in

health4In today’s modern environment, food is just not as nutritious as it once was. We need a little extra boost to give our bodies the nutrients and minerals it needs to effectively use our food to the maximum as well as increase our immune systems to fight of disease.

Using a good multivitamin is a fantastic way of getting everything you need in one convenient serving.

  1. Choose lean proteins

Keeping your protein sources lean is a must. Eating red meat should be done spareingly and on occasion if it calls for it. While everyone loves a big juicy steak, its probably not the healthiest choice to be pounding down on a regular basis. Instead opt for leaner sources such as fish and chicken, they offer a protein rich meat source, without the added heart disease.


  1. Eat quality carbs

Carbs, they seem to be the devil nowadays, demonized at every turn. However, using carbs as part of a balanced diet is crucial to maintaining an even blood sugar level and also critical to supplying glucose to your muscular system for use in exercise and daily functions.


Toss out the sugary stuff and replace it with wholegrains and gluten free options to reduce the inflammation in your body.

The final thought

These few simple tips will have you looking and feeling great in just a few weeks, all you need is the will power to keep yourself together and commit to the change you need. Keep yourself inspired on twitter and other social media and your body healthy, everything from your diet to your grooming is important, every choice matters from the foods you eat and the fluids you drink right down to the type of beard oil that you use, take the time in 2017 to make you the best you that you can be!

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