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Optometrx Optometry

opto1Are you experiencing issues with your vision? An eye exam is a fast, easy process that will analyze exactly what’s wrong with your eyes. With professional service Optometrx Optometry have everything you need to get your sight right.

Take a contact lens exam to see if your eyes are suited for contacts. We have a full range of lenses and solutions, along with expert advice to help you use them correctly.

If you aren’t suited for contacts, then we have a wide range of the finest frames for you to choose from. Wear your new glasses with style, Armani, Versace, Oakley, Tiffany and Ray-Ban are just a few of the top lines of frames that we have on offer.

We understand that your new glasses are a key accessory for the future to come. With both style and function, we aim to make your glasses enhance your look, and your vision. Book a personal fitment today.

Electronic Pulse Massager Tens Unit

gurinAre you looking for a professional, affordable electronic pulse massager? Pulse massage technology can assist in a variety of human health disorders.

From providing relief to a sore or stiff back and shoulders, to easing other muscular tension issues, the Santamedical Electronic handheld Pulse Massager  is what you have been searching for.


The EPM Device of the future, available to you today

Gurin Products, LLC have spent years in research and development of this revolutionary electronic pulse therapy device.

The unit features a small and lightweight design that’s packed with powerful processing power and electrical output thanks to 4 AAA batteries.

The large LCD display gives you the information on the unit’s massage style, intensity and time remaining before the end of the therapy.

The unit has 4 attachment pads to provide electrical impulse stimulation to you muscles and ligaments at varying frequency strengths.

With six stimulation modes ranging from mild to intense, the Santamedical Electronic Pulse Massager Tens Unit can be used in the three different massage therapy programs embedded in the device’s memory.


The Benefits of your personal EPM device

A stimulating massage is now available to you wherever you are and all it takes is a few minutes to enjoy the benefits of this powerful little device.

Improve your muscular and nervous systems health with an EPM therapy device and put an end to feeling unnecessary pain from muscular injuries and disorders.

Massage therapy is great to release toxins from your body and reduce inflammation in the circulatory, neural and muscular nervous systems.

It enhances your biological and metabolic function and helps you stay limber loose and pain-free. For fast muscle relaxation and pain relief, keeping a personal EPM device on you is a great idea.

With the Electronic Pulse Massager Tens Unit from Santamedical, with its lightweight technology weighing in at less than 6 ounces, you can carry your own personal massage therapist around in your gym bag.

Having immediate access to the pain and inflammation relief in an EPM device is just like having your own masseuse available to you wherever you go.

Can you imagine sitting on the park bench during your lunch break, listening to some good music through your iPod? While having a relaxing shoulder massage to relieve the tensions of the morning?

Or what about getting in the door from a hard day’s work and relaxing with on the couch with a cup of tea and a massage?

Doesn’t that all sound just fantastic?

Even if you find yourself in need of daily rehabilitative work such as healing a rotator cuff strain, the Santamedical electronic pulse massager tens unit is what you have been searching for to take the stress out of your body and your life.


Treat yourself and order your Sanatmedical EPM today.

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