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A good juicer is worth it’s weight in gold

juicerHealth and wellbeing is such an important part of our lives; it not only makes you feel good about yourself but of course allows you to work a longer more healthy lifestyle. We live in a generation now which is incredibly health conscious whether it be through the exercise they’re doing or the food/drink they’re consuming.  Healthy eating and drinking forms the basis of any healthy body and what better way to get the nutrients you deserve than natures fruits and vegetables.


This is where a top of the range juicer  like Slow juice by Juicing ensures that you receive all of the nutrients from your specified fruit or vegetable and is a great way to get your ‘5 a day’.  You can choose a combination of fruits to juice which create some incredibly tasty drinks for anytime during the day, with summer here in full force there is no better time to buy a juicer.



paddle1Yoga is a thousand-year-old discipline practiced for health and relaxation. During a yoga session, the participant practices breathing control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures that aid in flexibility, relaxation, fitness, and health. We all know how important it is to ensure that we stay fit and healthy as it prolongs our lives and ensures we get to spend as much time with our loved ones as possible. Of course there are so many more benefits to Paddle board Yoga and we would like to take a few minutes to discuss them all with you.


According to a study performed in 2012, 8.7 percent of adults in the U.S., that is roughly 20 million people, practice the art of yoga. Those practitioners can expect an increase in their flexibility, muscle strength, and energy levels, as well as a balanced metabolism, weight loss, improved athletic performance, and better cardio and circulatory health.


Paddle board yoga is an adaptation of traditional yoga. The main difference is that, instead of completing a yoga session in doors, or on solid ground elsewhere, the participant completes their yoga session while on a paddle board floating in calm waters.


There are a ton of benefits to doing paddle board yoga in particular:



Paddle board yoga is even better for you because it helps you even more with your balance, as you will need to balance on the board in water. Basically, anyone doing paddle boardpaddle2 yoga will be engaging their core even more than they already do. In addition, you will be surrounded by fresh air and you can soak up some sun while getting your workout in. Don’t forget the calming elements associated with the water. The smell of fresh or saltwater combined with the sounds and the breeze sweeping over the water will restore your mind while you work your body.



As soon as you learn to complete your yoga poses on a paddle board in the water, you will find it even easier to complete your poses on solid ground. It is much easier to balance on land, and you may have gotten into bad habits or cheats because of it. The result of cheating like this on a paddle board is a dunk in whatever water you’re practicing on. Start off my sitting and gradually increase to kneeling and then standing.



Water is unpredictable, and you can’t control it. The slightest ripple could send you into the water. Go with the flow, it is a great life lesson. You may get knocked down by a wave every now and then, but what is important is that you get back up and back on the paddle board.



If you’re looking for a peaceful way to meditate on your own, this is a great option, but you can also kick it up with your friends in a class or ground yoga session. Whether you’d rather yoga solo or with your buddies, there are tons of options in paddle board yoga.


So, if you are getting board of your old yoga routine, or you’re looking for an all-around experience, you should hop on a paddle board and ride the waves to relaxation.


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euroIf you suffer from neuropathy, you know the day to day pain associated with the disease. Maybe you don’t even know if you have neuropathy, or you may have a loved one who suffers from the disease. So, what is it?


Neuropathy is caused by the dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves that causes weakness or numbness, typically in the hands and/or the feet. The disease is common, with nearly 3 million cases per year and most commonly found in diabetics. Unfortunately, there is no cure for neuropathy. Treatments typically involve years or even a lifetime of antidepressants and pain medication and creams.

For a more in-depth review, you can view the article The Neuropathy Solution Solves Your Neuropathy Pain (Uncovered Review) online.



But many people hope to stop their pain without relying on medication. What if the medication wears off during a special time with family and you can’t stand it anymore? What is your loved one often forgets to take their medication and ends up in the hospital to be treated for pain?


Because of the struggles associated with medicating the disease, The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution was born. The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution is a step-by-step treatment program that can help neuropathy sufferers free themselves from the pain of the disease without drugs or surgery or guesswork.


The Neuropathy Program was developed by Dr. Randall Labrum who has suffered from the disease himself. He once said his own case of neuropathy made him feel like he was “walking barefoot through cactus.” His pain made him desperate to find relief from the symptoms of the disease that has no cure and causes pain throughout the lifetime of the sufferer. He says his solution has proven successful.


Here are some of the steps in The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution to permanently end pain, according to Dr. Labrum:neuro4


  • Stop taking prescription medications.
  • Avoid surgeries when possible.
  • Avoid gimmicks and alternative treatments.
  • Stay away from trial and error methods.
  • Stop using painkillers, antidepressants and anticonvulsants.


Following these steps, Labrum says the program involves specific items, applications and lifestyle changes to eliminate pain and restore balance. The program usually costs about $70, but it is currently available for the special price of $37.95. The cost of the plan includes a neuropathy treatment seminar; the ultimate diabetes formula; the personal treatment tracking worksheet and checklist; the ultimate resources site for self-reliance and emergency preparedness; field guides for medical care, dental care, disaster preparedness and long-term food storage; a newsletter subscription; and neuropathy drug secrets.


According to Dr. Randall Labrum, the cost isn’t much when you understand how much you are spending and how much you will spend on medications and doctor’s visits. You can purchase your copy of The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution online. The materials are well written and informative and there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results. The program is only available in PDF format, so you will need access to a computer or other device in order to use this program.