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Why you need a personal trainer

healthStaying fit and healthy should be the most important part of everyones lives; not only does it allow you to prolong life and  enjoy this beautiful world we live in but it also means you’ll lead a far more product life. Staying healthy starts with looking after your body through exercise and eating correctly, at first this may seem like a daunting task but small steps such as starting to walk or run with friends and changing your diet can make big differences in your life.


Using the services of a personal trainer is also highly recommended as they will be able to give you a full plan to achieve your desired goals and of course having a personal trainer on board means you’ll also be kept constantly motivated meaning you can achieve those goals and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. So don’t delay get fit today. To find out more information please visit  Personal Trainer Adelaide

What you need to know about cellphone radiation

Will you be as smart this time next year if you continue to hold your unprotected cell phone next to your brain?

Still holding your unprotected phone next to your head? Cell Phone manufacturer place warnings in their user manual and inside the operation system stating that radiation levels can surpass unsafe levels when hold next to your head.

The State of Maine joined the list of States pushing for legislation for health warning labels to provide consumers the “right to know” information on cell phone usage. Not only is your cell phone reported to break down the body’s blood brain barrier, but also affects your ability to absorb information, especially in young adults.
A properly manufactured phone case with the correct shielding material on the front of the phone case can provide excellent cell phone radiation protection. Cruz cases ( offer excellent radiation protection to over 22 different phones.

Radiation is absorb if you carry your phone in your pockets. Distance is your best friend. However if you must hold your phone next to your body, consider some level of protection on your phone. More information found at

Teeth Whitening

smileWe all lead pretty hectic lifestyles and this can often lead to neglect in certain areas where we should be taking better care of ourselves for example dental care.  You know the saying that first impressions last? Well did you know you have less than 20 seconds to make a good impression and your teeth are one of the first things that people notice.

We all know that a little too much red wine or too many sugar drinks can cause staining in your teeth. Thankfully there are some good solutions on the market which enable you to whiten your teeth. Thankfully these procedures have become a lot less invasive , where before products and bi products that were used could cause damage to your teeth, now advancements in the dental space mean that the procedures are relatively safe.  So don’t delay and get your smile back today. To find out more information please visit brisbane teeth whitening