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wellnessWith the goal of creating evidence-based employee wellness programs, LeFever Wellness has been collaborating with Corporate organizations to design workplace wellness programs for more than a decade through a combination of technology, on-site fitness, wellness programs and staff who are always within reach via various platforms and are committed to bringing corporate fitness to employees of companies. In comparison to other traditional corporate wellness programs, LeFever Wellness offers significantly better health outcomes, is focused on reducing health-risk factors and claims while producing a better profit from investments.

Corporate fitness is achieved by working with companies to motivate their employees via education, fitness, and practical life tools to help them bring about and maintain a healthy workplace culture and lifestyle.


Investing in the wellness of employees is never a bad investment. Obese and unhealthy employees have lower productivity, are usually absent from work for higher periods and incur higher care costs.

When employees can create healthy workplace habits, their general performance, attitude, and output improves positively.

Services offered by LeFever Wellness include

  • Onsite Fitness: Programs are tailored by instructors that are very supportive to meet the needs of employees of all levels and health status in corporate organizations
  • Education: Interactive group discussion sessions are organized to disseminate relevant information, debunk old wives’ tales, and demystify dark clouds as regards health and wellness. These discussions are tailored to involve every participant on personal levels with the topics discussed presented in simple and definite terms leaving out unnecessary technical jargon while retaining vital information. A specific segment called the life skills segment promises to offer participants tangible, relevant, and realistic ‘life-hacks’ to improve corporate wellness. Some of these life skills include:
  • Understanding food labels and their implications,
  • Understanding the impacts of fast food on health,
  • Planning healthy meals on a budget, etc.
  • Personal onsite consulting: Company employees are given the opportunity to relate issues to their personal health to well-trained coaches in a conducive atmosphere where they can be open and honest.
  • Weight loss and nutrition: With cases of obesity on an epidemic level, it is reported that approximately $190 billion is lost annually by corporations due to overweight and obese workers. Lefever Wellness offers corporate fitness by providing clear-cut instructions in programs designed to aid people to make significant adjustments to their diet to improve their health status.
  • Corporate loss prevention: With a team of trained experts capable of developing long-term programs to reduce the high cost of healthcare and minimize loss for your company, LeFever Wellness is an excellent choice for any company that cares about the wellness of their employees.
  • Chiropractic and Preventative Service: Commonplace ailments that occur on a regular frequency could have a negative impact on the performance of workers and incur avoidable expenses for the company. LeFever Wellness partners with experts in chiropractic and work-related injury to prevent and treat these ailments effectively.
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The overall wellness of employees has a direct impact on the wellness of the organization. Unhealthy employees will definitely have negative effects on the organization.  You can find out more by visiting you can learn more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out some of their services. Of course if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.



tea1Enjoying a hot cup of tea can be relaxing. Seldom, however, know that tea, specifically rooibos tea, has a ton of health benefits. The following includes information about what rooibos tea is and five health benefits it can bring to those who drink it.



Rooibos tea comes from a 300-year old plant. It is likely that you’ve heard of black and green tea, which is yielded from the 1,000-year-old Camellia sinensis plant. The rooibos plant has roots in South Africa (no pun intended). The plant is harvested, dried, and brewed into a reddish-brown herbal tea.


Here are some of the benefits of rooibos tea.



Seldom view caffeine as a drug, but it is one of the top substances humans are addicted to today. Caffeine can be a wonderful way to start your morning, but it can also contribute to a slew of other issues.


Caffeine can raise blood pressure, keep you from having a decent amount and quality of sleep, and can make you feel anxious and jittery.


Replacing your morning cup of Joe with rooibos tea can prove beneficial by helping you focus, get a great night’s sleep, and keep your blood pressure under control.



An antioxidant found in rooibos tea, called Aspalathin, can help balance blood sugar and can naturally increase the amount of insulin created by the pancreas.


Nearly 29 million people in the U.S. alone suffer from diabetes. The condition can lead to more severe diseases and losses like blindness, nerve damage, high blood pressure, heart conditions, and more. Not only is the tea great for those already suffering from diabetes, but it can also help prevent the development of type II diabetes.


If you are a diabetic, or are at risk of diabetes, try integrating a cup of rooibos tea into your daily routine.



As we age, our skin and hair seem to become weaker and more brittle. Alpha-hydroxy acids are used in cosmetic products, but they are not found easily in nature.


Rooibos tea contains a number of these acids. It has become popular because it has the ability to help relieve pimples, acne, and sunburns while also preventing aging symptoms like wrinkles and laugh lines.


Instead of reaching for pricey cosmetics that are pumped with chemicals that aren’t too kind to skin, rooibos tea offers a great alternative.



As mentioned before, rooibos tea can help battle signs of aging. However, this goes beyond outward appearances. A lab study performed on rats showed that there was a reduction in the amount of age-related lipid peroxides in the rats’ brains.


If you’re looking to keep your mind sharp and your skin smooth, try adding a cup of rooibos tea into your morning.



The tea, in the same aforementioned study, showed anti-inflammatory properties in the rats. This can be great for those who struggle with chronic inflammatory diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

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Laser Tattoo Removal: What to Know

inkThere is at least one tattoo on the body of up to 30% of people in the US; in fact about 50% of the millenials have one or more tattoos. The number is high and surprisingly, some of them seem to be regretting it already. About 25% of them wish they hadn’t done it. If you are part of this 25%, there is no need to worry. There is a technique known as the Laser tattoo removal, which can help remove the tattoo with very little side effects.

How It Works

Lasers make use of its high intensity light beam to break up the pigment colors, thus removing the tattoo. The easiest of them are the black colored tattoos, which absorbs all laser wavelengths. The other colors require selected laser beams on the pigment color before it can be removed.


If you wish to get rid of your tattoo, it is advisable you see a trained professional who can examine your tattoo and advise you on the best approach to get rid of them. The color9s), size, and age of the tattoo determines the number of treatment you will have to undergo to get rid of the tattoos. The removal technique is also greatly influenced by the skin color as well as how deep the tattoo pigment goes.

Laser removal sessions might have certain differences based on the factors mentioned above, however, here are some similarities amongst them all.

  1. You will have to make use of a pair of protective eye shield which will be provided by the tattoo removal expert.
  2. Your skin will be tested against laser to examine how it reacts. This will help the tattoo removal expert ascertain the level of energy that will be most effective e for the treatment.
  3. Intense light from the laser will be passed through your skin top layer which will be absorbed by the tattoo pigment alone.

As expected, more pulses will be needed for the larger tattoos while the smaller ones will require smaller pulses. Either way, you will need to dedicate yourself to several treatments before the tattoo can be completely removed. Your tattoo is expected to get a few shades lighter at the end of each treatment until you can see them no more.

Most people who do the laser tattoo removal opt against anesthesia, although the process is uncomfortable and painful. You may have to apply a topical anesthesia beforehand, especially if the tattoo is located in a very sensitive part of the body.


An ice pack should be used to soothe the treated area and an ointment or antibiotic cream should be applied together with a bandage to protect the region. Whenever you are outside, ensure you have sun block on that part of the body before stepping outside.

Side Effects

There are other tattoo removal procedures such as salabrasion, dermabrasion, an excision, however, the Laser technique is a lot safer than them. This is as a result of the laser techniques capacity to selectively treat the pigments of the tattoo and even more significant is its lack of side effects on the patients. Notwithstanding, there are certain factors to be considered before making a decision:

  • The surface where the tattoo is removed is at risk of being infected and there is always the possibility that the region would be scarred for life.
  • There is a chance that the tattoo will not be completely removed and the fact that some colors are more easily broken than others means that some colors may be more effectively removed than others. For instance, black and blue tattoos respond well to laser treatments.
  • You may be left with a case of hypopigmentation, which implies that the treated area will be of a lighter shade than the skin surrounding it. In some cases, the treated area will be darker than the skin surrounding it and that is known as hyper hyperpigmentation.
  • Treating cosmetic tattoos such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, etc. actually leaves the treated area darker after treatment. With additional sessions, they fade gradually.

Find a Reputable Doctor

Get a professional cosmetic surgeon or an experienced dermatologist. Better if your local physician can ink3recommend one for you. Tattoo removal is mostly a personal decision and as such, insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, except it becomes medically necessary to get rid of your tattoos. You may be requested to make full payment before the process is started. At this point, all associated costs will be discussed and all charges will be properly documented before treatment commences.

For more information please don’t hesitate to visit you can also find out more about the great team behind the site here as well as browsing their pricing booking your appointment now and of course if you have any questions at all you can get in touch with one of the team here.  You can catch them on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or why not check out some of their videos on Youtube.