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kineticIf you suffer from chronic pain, or you’re an athlete that encounters frequent small and at-home treatable injuries, you know how important pain management is. A great way to manage muscle aches and pains is with the assistance of hot and cold packs. Here is some information about how hot and cold packs help ease pain and how Kinetic Labs can help:



Hot and cold packs are used by chronic pain sufferers and small injury sufferers alike to help manage and reduce an injury.


When you twist your ankle or jam your finger, your body increases blood flow to the affected area. Ice packs, or cold packs, are commonly used by those who have suffered an orthopedic injury like a sprained ankle to reduce blood flow to the area and slow nerve conduction to keep the pain at a minimum. Those who are suffering from an injury can apply ice packs to the affected area for the first 48 hours to help reduce the swelling around the injury and control the pain.


Some issues arise with ice packs. Many ice or cold packs become stiff when they are frozen, making it more painful to apply the pack to an injury.


Heat packs are used to treat chronic conditions. Applying them can help relax and loosen muscles or help stimulate blood flow to the area. If a sufferer has issues with their back, heat packs can help ease this pain. Arthritis sufferers can also find relief for joint pain in heat packs. Heat therapy intensifies blood flow to an area to decrease stiffness and accelerate healing to the affected area.



Kinetic Labs sells hot and cold packs for pain relief. The reusable gel pack is microwaveable and flexible when frozen, making it a one-stop product for any pain management need, whether chronic- or injury-related.


The company is currently selling a set of two hot and cold packs on Amazon for about $15. Customers have left only kinetic3positive reviews on the gel packs.


Verified purchaser Mr. James Dennett said he purchased the packs for his wife to use after her rehabilitation sessions after she broke her wrist. “These are perfect both for hot and cold treatment, and it is the perfect size for the area we needed to treat,” he said.


Another customer, Chalalai F., said “I love these! I’m clumsy and was looking for a gel pack that can be used hot or cold for a reasonable price. Kinetic Labs has a great product and I highly recommend them.”


The hot and cold packs can bring immediate pain relief to anyone looking to manage their pain. The company says it works great for people with migraines, carpal tunnel, shin splints, heel pain, sciatica, and more.




For more information, or to purchase hot and cold pack from Kinetic Labs, visit For assistance, fill out the contact form online or email

Keep your home pest free

pestDid you know that rats are a serious health hazard? They carry a whole range of diseases which are both dangerous to humans and any pets you may have in your home. The black plaque was caused by rats and there are many academics in this world which have the opinion that unless we change the way we live and start to eradicate these pests then the day could come where we are looking at a new black plaque.

Don’t let this worry you for now as there are some things you can do to reduce this pests in your own home or apartment, thankfully there are some great products on the market such as this rat bait which are non-harmful to humans but work to eradicate these pests in your own home. Rats can also cause untold damage to your structure of your home and the electrical work so it’s best to get this done sooner than later.


You or your child’s health and wellness don’t always come to mind when someone mentions a toy. However, research backs the notion that fidget spinners, pocket-sized toys made from a ball bearing that can be spun between the fingers, has several positive health benefits.


The toys have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve relaxation, concentration, and focus. This can reduce negative impacts stress puts on the body. Not only can it help with the aforementioned issues that nearly everyone struggles with, it can also help those who suffer from Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. The soothing spin helps to recharge their minds and help them focus on their school work or job-related tasks. It can also help curb nervous habits like nail biting, table taping, pen clicking, and more.

Click here for some of the best fidget spinners for health related issues and of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.