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Will You Be As Smart As Your Are Now, This Time Next Year?

Still holding your unprotected phone next to your head? Cell Phone manufacturers now place warnings in their user manual as well as software OS stating that radiation levels can surpass unsafe levels when hold next to your head.

The State of Maine joined the list of States pushing for legislation for health warning labels to provide consumers the “right to know” information on cell phone usage. Not only is your cell phone reported to break down the body’s blood brain barrier, but also affects your ability to absorb information, especially in young adults.


A properly manufactured phone case with the correct shielding material on the front of the phone case can provide excellent cell phone radiation protection. Cruz cases ( offer excellent radiation protection to over 22 different phones.

Healing within you…

healingMassage as we all know helps the body and mind to relax, due to the pressure and strenuous activities we engage in daily as individuals. is here to pamper, nourish and revitalize the entire body system and functioning. We have a proven track record of excellence and our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Are you in search of wholeness, a full certified well-being session, recovering from injuries, or an athlete, do you need to detoxify your body, improve body movement and ensure longevity through the art of massaging, if yes then is the right place to be found always and at all times.  To find out more please visit brandon fl massage


With skillful and highly certified practitioners we undertake and offer only the best when it comes to the art of therapeutic massaging.

Massaging does not just involve rubbing or kneading of the body to relax, it goes beyond that, it is an art that can only be offered at with the needed skill, expertise and a touch of class.

At we don’t offer general road side services in relation to massaging, we offer therapeutic services that covers CranioSomatic therapy which focuses on the usage of cranial techniques to effect changes in the function of muscles, to adjust the whole body structure into a balanced alignment. Why not book yourself the perfect massage at massage brandon fl also offers lymphatic drainage which is a highly technical and not a widely known type of massage, it is a sensitive area of massage which involves a gentle process that regulates the lymphatic system and ensure perfect wellness of the whole body system.

Do you want to be as flexible and stretchable as your body movement can go and beyond? Why not give a try to our healing3active isolated stretching technique, when we work on you we go the extra mile to give you that perfect finish and you can be rest assured on your stretching performance to have improved greatly.

On we are a team of dedicated therapist with the sole aim of revitalizing your entire body functioning and reach the potential you crave for. offers the deep tissue massage that releases chronic muscle tension due to the deep pressure applied and slow strokes to penetrate into the deep layers of the muscles. Deep tissue massage with helps to relieve stress, ease pain, to make body movement easier and lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

We offer a special service to athletes, who suffer from pain or swellings known as rock tapping. Having the right posture is the desire of every human being.


In the course of our daily living we take different wrong postures from standing, sitting, walking and even lying down but with the right approach combined with expertise that offers be rest assured of getting that physique and body posture right.

At we are pocket friendly and know that every person is entitled to a healthy living, therefore we offer same price to all customers irrespective of the service chosen.


Why not walk in today and give yourself a treat that transforms not only the physical but the soul and mind. You can find out more by visiting where you can learn more about their services on offer and of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team here.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

pocSometimes in life we reach a point where we are no longer fit and healthy and we require various forms of medical assistance, it’s an unfortunate event in life but as we get older our bodies do start to decline, this is why it’s important that we stay as fit and healthy as possible. If you’re currently experiencing breathing problems then you’ll know that there are some good medical options available on the market such as portable oxygen concentrators.

There are various reasons why you may need one of these machines but the most common of these is what’s known as COPD or Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease which basically blocks up your airways and can make it difficult to breathe.  This is where an oxygen machine comes in handy and can help you get back to relatively normally breathing.  If you would like to find out more about these machines then please check out portable oxygen concentrator for sale