Adding supplements to your balanced diet.

suplWe must have often come across doctors advising us to take a balanced diet comprising of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. However, it is always not possible in the busy, practical life. It is always not possible to calculate and cook or eat food according to the various vitamin and mineral requirements. We as laymen do not even have the apt knowledge to facilitate a balanced diet either.



Therefore we always find ourselves having certain diseases due to the lacking of a certain vitamins or minerals. Moreover, few people may require a certain vitamin or mineral more than the other. Therefore during these situations we resort to an external supply of those particular vitamins or minerals. Supplements are these external intakes. They are different kinds of supplements available. They are Calcium tablets, Omega -3 tablets, vitamin tablets, insulin tablets and injections, etc. According to the need and requirement of the body, one has to choose which vitamins or minerals they want to intake. Supplements are increasingly growing popular because these are harmless. They are not medicines; therefore, do not provide any side-effects either. They just supply the essential minerals and vitamins externally to the body and help the person concerned in coping up with the deficiency. Therefore supplements are proving to be very useful.