AnxietyThe attack of Anxiety may be created with multitude of the things that includes stressors, different financial problems, the relationship problems, medical situations, medication as well as bereavement. On the other hand, as with the medical condition, usually there is more than one cause, few of them may be interrelated. While the doctor is trying to identify the main causes of the anxiety attacks of the patient, he would assess different environmental issues, traits in personality of the people, the brain chemistry of patient, any kind of past traumas as well as family medical history.


The initial most, environmental issues will also consists of poverty, parental as well as childhood separation, more that strict parents, completely critical parents, with excessive conflicts of the family, dreadful parents, lacking support system as well as anxious parents. The second thing is personality traits may consist of feeling of the lack of power, viewing the entire world as threatening, usually low self-esteem or less confidence as well as inability to cope through daily things. The third point is brain chemistry that includes the imbalances of neurotransmitter and other abnormal levels of the cortisol which is the stress hormone. Next point is the family medical history that shows the pattern of any kind of abuse as well as the disorders throughout the generations.