Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy

b1Now that you are pregnant,  there are certain habits that will need to be stopped as a result of the fact that you are no longer just taking care of just yourself anymore. The step to take is to ensure that your bundle of joy is in a healthy and nurturing environment. If you are a first time mom,  you do not need to fret about anything. I have compiled several Dos and Don’ts of pregnancy to have you moving towards the right direction in your pregnancy journey as you have 9 months to go.

Multivitamins are essential

As a pregnant woman, it is important to understand the importance of Multivitamins to both you and your baby. Healthy diet is simply not enough to give both you and your baby the right amount of nutrients which is why prenatal vitamins are prescribed. Endeavor to take this vitamins as they help to reduce the risks of brush defects. Multivitamins usually contain omega-3 fats,  DHA and EPA which are essential for the  development of the brain of the baby. It is however important not to take more than the required dose of vitamins as they might be harmful to your baby if not taken right.


Endeavor to have a lot of rest

Due to the fact that your hormone levels are changing,  sleep may elude you for sometime. It is however important that you get sleep whenever you can as your body doesn’t need any additional stress. If you feel tired at anytime,  it is important that you take a nap as your body needs all the rest it can get.  You can however schedule naps and stick to it as this will determine that you get a certain amount of rest everyday.

Do not smoke

It is important that you remember that you have your baby to consider so endeavor not to smoke or go close to tobacco. Most smokers usually have an aversion to cigarette and tobacco during pregnancy but for those that don’t,  it is important to make a conscious effort not to smoke as it might cause complications for the baby. Psychological nicotine addiction is a problem children whose mothers smoked during their pregnancies have. In order to avoid this problem, stay away from cigarettes.


Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol is detrimental to the health of your baby as even small amounts of alcohol can cause complications for your baby. There are a lot of health implications that alcohol will cause in your baby, drinking alcohol can even lead to loss of the child so it is important to treat your body with care to ensure that you carry the baby to full term.

Endeavor to work out

The myths surrounding the fact that pregnant women should not work out is nothing short of a myth. Working out during pregnancy has a lot of health benefits for the pregnant mother as it helps to reduce muscle pain,  insomnia,  mood swings and excessive weight gain. You should however not go to the extreme with your workout so as not to overexert yourself.

Limit your intake of coffee

Although coffee can be taken,  it is advisable to limit your intake of coffee or let it go all together.  The limit of coffee a pregnant woman can take up 200mg. Coffee should be avoided as there are repercussions to the health of the baby  to taking above the maximum intake of caffeine. Due to the fact that there are other avenues by which caffeine can be ingested into the body,  it is advisable to avoid coffee altogether.


Eat seafood

Seafood has a number of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids,  zinc,  vitamins and minerals that are essential for the growth of the baby. Before seafood should be ingested by pregnant women,  it should be properly cooked as undercooked sea food may contain bacteria. Pregnant women should avoid sushi and the likes as they might contain bacteria that is harmful to both the mother and the child. A healthy pregnancy is important so therefore avoid too much seafood.

Take pregnancy classes

Pregnancy classes will be able to provide you and your partner with additional information to ensure that your pregnancy is a healthy and smooth one. Babedu academy has quite a number of information that expectant mothers should check out.

Take a flu shot

It is important that you are protected from any harmful diseases so as to protect your child as well. It is therefore essential that you make an appointment and get the flu shot.

Avoid contact with chemicals

Chemicals such as dyes,  insecticides,  pesticides etc should be avoided as they might contain different chemicals that will be harmful to the overall health of both the mother and child.


It is necessary that the following tips outlined above be taken seriously as the probability of your child growing healthily is high. If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can check out their catalog here or why not check out some of their free courses.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.