October 2, 2014 Lyme disease, stemaid

The treatment of Lyme disease using embryonic stem cells has only recently been developed and seems to bring quite a few benefits over the traditional therapy using antibiotics. The first noticeable result is the strengthening of the immune system. Lyme disease sufferers who have struggled with infection for a long time have immune systems which are unable to cope with the invasion of bacteria and parasites that are slowly but surely destroying every organ of their body, especially their heart and their brain. After a few stem cell injections, the body is finally able to fight the pathogens.


The other benefit, which can be observed after approximately 3 injections, is the repairing of damaged organs – especially the heart and the brain.

Sufferers who have been taking anti-depressants have been able to discontinue their use in the 4th week of treatment. Joint inflammation is also either reduced or erradicated within a month. Although the scientific team behind this new therapy have had only 18 months to observe its affects, they claim that embryonic stem cell therapy is most likely the only solution available today which can completely rid the body of Lyme disease by boosting one’s own immune system.
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