Breast Augmentation

breast1Are you unhappy with your current body proportions? Have you recently given birth and are unhappy with the state your breasts have been left in? Do you have dis-proportion in your breasts? These are common reasons for seeking out breast augmentation surgery. This surgery may sound intrusive and a bit frightening, so we decided to put together this article to calm your nerves and give you the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not the surgery will benefit you and increase your quality of life.

Breast augmentations primary goals are to restore balance to the female form. It is a long term solution to achieving your ideal figure and will bring you confidence when you are able to try on that new bikini or designer clothing. Breast augmentation gives a youthful appearance to all women that have undergone the procedure. They do however, require monitoring and they will eventually be needed to be replaced at some time in the distant future. The risk from the surgery, while very minimal, is still there, like it would be in any medical procedure but the chances of something going wrong are very minimal. At the end of the day, breast augmentation is a personal choice and also is different for every individual, so that’s why you should make an appointment with your specialist and discuss with them your own personal situation and what you desire from the procedure.


Do you really need it? That is a question that is asked by candidates, their families and friends. If your breasts make you feel self-conscious and perhaps disappointed in your body proportions, maybe one breast is smaller than the other, or your waistline protrudes past your breasts, in any situation, if you are uncomfortable with your body, you will not achieve the quality of life that you should. If you have good health, realistic expectations and a healthy mind-set, then you are indeed a great candidate for breast augmentation.

So how does it work? When using breast implants, the surgeon usually makes an incision and then lifts the breast tissue away from the pectoral muscles to create the gap for the implant. The implant is then secured in the gap between the two. Another method that is currently very new, is a process where the surgeon removes fat from a body part such as the buttocks and then injects that into the breasts. This procedure shows great promise, however, it is still new and does not have much data behind it.

Other choices for your implants are saline-filled implants that are filled with sterile salt-water. The benefit of these implants is that they can be adjusted in the surgery. The next type is one that most of us will be familiar with, the silicone implant. These are filled with a very soft silicone gel that is prefilled before the surgery, this means that the incision will be longer for the implant to be inserted. Another silicone option that has become more popular is the cohesive gel, silicone implant. This implant is seen as more stable and the silicone a bit more viscous, allowing for them to hold their shape better than the traditional silicone implant.





breast4The safety of breast augmentation, particularly with the silicon types, have come under media speculation over the years, however, breast implants are made to last you a life-time. This does not mean that you do not have to monitor them with semi-regular check-ups to your surgeon. In some cases, the implant will fail and need to be replaced, but this is not a regular occurrence.  The surgical techniques are constantly being reviewed, updated and modified to help the surgery become less intrusive. Speak to your surgeon about the varieties of implants they have on offer and let them guide you into making the informed decision that is right for your body.

Selecting the right surgeon is a critical part of the process, you should find a surgeon with good reputation that you feel comfortable with. They should be registered with the, ‘Members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’ and he or she should be well experienced in the field.

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