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Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Running Shoes for Flat FeetPeople’s feet are classified as per to the mode the foot hits the base or accurately how the joints of foot move. For those people whose feet hit the base with the cross side of the heel as well as the weight is spread evenly, those people are having the common kind of feet that is the very general one. Those people have much superior balance and stability. In addition for those people whose complete feet sole directly touches the base, they are known as flat footed people and most frequently they are flat to different kinds of injuries.

So now the question is that can you choose the best running shoes for flat feet? No doubt, yes, you can, but very important thing that is required to confirm that you are actually having a flat kind of foot is to perform a test about foot structure. You have to perform some type of test to actually confirm that you are a person with flat footed.

How to Find Out Your Foot Type?

It’s easy to find out your foot stride type through a simple test called ‘Wet Feet Test’ OR ‘Footprint Test’. Basically there are 3 foot types:

• Normal feet (neutral arch)
• Flat feet (low arch or fallen arch)
• High arch feet

One should select the running shoes according to his or her foot type.

Wet Feet Test is a 3-step test that can be performed at home. You can easily determine your foot type using this footprint test.

Steps to Wet Feet Test:
1- Get your foot wet with water
2- Step onto a dry surface such as a piece of heavy paper
3- Step off and look at the footprints

Now the footprint will tell you whether you have normal feet, flat feet, or high arched feet.

After checking your foot type you can purchase similar kind of shoes, as with the advancement in technology you can purchase running shoes for flat feet through online sources. There are so many sellers available that are specialist in production of flat feet shoes.