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Blood test

blood testRequestATest is proud to announce that they now offer the blood test and other medical test  for fecal immunochemical method  .The new screening test by immunochemical method has many advantages over conventional chemical test .It requires only one collection day and one saddle specimen rather than three, and patients are not required to undergo dietary restrictions. The specimen collection kit includes a small container containing a single sampling stick of use and minimizes contact with the stool. Once the collected specimen and the sealed container, the sample is stable for more than seven days at room temperature.


The analysis is performed by an automated instrument is based on the principle of the detection of human hemoglobin using specific antibodies. The immunochemical test (FIT-test) is better at standardized specimen collection, more specific and up to two times more sensitive for the detection of blood in stool than conventional chemical test it is partly for these reasons that this new method of choice will be the one used for colorectal cancer screening that will be deployed in the coming months. Request A Test is proud to add to their list this new analysis has many benefits for both the patient and the clinician, who is part of our ongoing concern to offer our customers the best tools available.