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Cancer diet

immunoThe community of alternative medicine suggest that a great cancer diet must contain the fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, raw seeds as well as nuts, and also the whole grains. Few foods in such categories have also specific benefit and so we will also explore them here:

  1. The cancer researcher also has found that higher amount of the selenium in blood; lower will be the rate of getting cancer. There is no doubt to the fact that Garlic is known to be the excellent source related to selenium with the whole grains.
  2. Whole wheat certainly is helpful to prevent cancer of small intestine as well as colon. It also speeds up passage of the fecal material with the intestines, hence reducing the complete exposure to the cancer causing such kind of agents.
  3. Seeds might also lower the entire risk of specific kinds of cancer. They consist specific kind of enzymes which also have properties for cancer fighting. This is significant food group that is included in such kind of diet.
  4. Studies also show that the vegetables in cabbage family like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale as well as mustard greens will impede growth of cancer that help to prevent cancers of colon as well as rectum.
  5. The ImmunoDiet™ is the Cadillac of cancer diets. It uses personal genomics to customize a specific food avoidance diet for every client. The test looks at every single gene of cancer cells and every known gene of food ingredients. This information lets their clients avoid eating foods that look like cancer to their immune system. Research shows that a healthy immune system can be compromised by eating foods that look like ones cancer.