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How deer antler velvet can help your health

antlerlogoThe media has been buzzing lately about the latest supplement to come forward on the market: deer antler velvet. It’s been said to have a multitude of positive effects on a man’s body, and the science backs up these claims with ease. Want to know more about deer velvet and how Antler Farms works for you? Read on!

Put simply, the term “deer antler velvet extract” – or just “deer velvet” – refers to the entire set of antlers grown by a young buck before reaching puberty. They contain large amounts of testosterone to help them battle other males, and grow based on a large number of nutrients required to produce the cartilage and calcium that makes them strong. Deer antler velvet has over 400 active ingredients and over 40 key compounds, comprising an astonishing array of nutrients for those that ingest the antlers in some form.

Antler is harvested safely and humanely by licensed practitioners, and causes no harm to the animal itself. The best time to take deer velvet is before the antlers deer1calcify, lose blood flow and harden, losing the important nutrients that make up this super effective supplement. Since New Zealand considers the removal a surgical procedure, they require the monitoring of a practicing veterinarian as put forth by the National Velvetting Standards Body, or NVSB. They ensure the deer are in good health before undergoing this simple operation, and supervise that no harm comes to the deer during the process.

Once the antler is harvested and processed into its basic form, it’s put into either a liquid drop or capsule format for easy digestion. Why take this incredible supplement? Many reasons! Besides being 100% organic with no added chemicals or foreign substances, it helps restore the body’s internal balance to its natural state without additives or unnecessary preservatives. Deer antler velvet promotes homeostasis by simply going where it’s needed, no matter what the ailment might be.

Current scientific research shows it can help with a number of internal issues. Here’s a short list of ways deer velvet can help your body:

  • Mental health
  • Muscle recovery
  • Blood pressure
  • Joint pain
  • Sexual health

????????As well as promoting a general feeling of overall health. It’s truly one of nature’s superfoods, and is often overlooked as a way to gain back the body you once had or always wanted. Antler Farms knows what you need and works hard to ensure you get it, using only naturally healthy red deer raised in the hills of New Zealand. They pride themselves on the absence of growth hormones, and all deer are naturally free to roam the land without restriction.



Antler Farms meets and exceeds industry standards as defined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, ensures all antler is collected in a safe, humane way and tests its supplements for potency before sale. When it comes to your body’s performance, you should only use the very best and Antler Farms knows exactly what you need.


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We’ll leave you with this great video from the team behind Deer antler velvet