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DNA Skin care test

geneticsJust the fact that how much you do for the skin, you should be precisely aware about the fact that you may be doing really more? GTL now introduces the completely revolutionary approach for taking care of your skin such as DNA Skin care test. The test of skin DNA is a key for creating the customized regime of skin care that will lead for visible as well as long lasting results. By Using the guess work they are now a thing know for past. You might also share some bulk of the DNA with any other kind of person in entire street but certainly there are specific variations in the DNA that may really affect rate on which you will age and the natural protection of your skin against the harmful free radicals as well as sun damage.


The genes will even help for the protection you may against pigmentation, wrinkling and other age of the related issues – when without any doubt, you have such genes. Such test is known to be a result of the collaboration between the geneticists, dermatologists, scientists, cosmetic physicians as well as other experts The main aim of study was about identifying the genetic factors which contribute ageing and even understand pathways as well as biochemical reactions meant for every genetic factors.