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Find a reputable eye specialist

eyecareAs our generation adapts more ways to stay connected to the internet through smartphones, tablets, computers, IPad, etc., our eyes may start to feel different. If you experience some trouble focusing, are developing red or irritated eyes or are getting headaches, we have a few suggestions to alleviate your symptoms. Let’s start from our environment and work our way to internal solutions. First, try a low-lighting option at your desk, and have a few plants for some added moisture in the air. Second, position your computer just below face level, ideally, 20-28 inches away from your face. Third, for anyone with an eye prescription, ensure it is up to date and remember to take breaks if your eyes hurt. Please note, if you develop dry eye, there are eye drops that may help, but you should seek medical attention right away. Now we’ll give you some more personal tips. Try doing some eye exercise that will produce tears. You should also blink plenty while looking into a computer monitor or similar device. Lastly is your diet! Eating a lot of vegetables and cutting back on caffeine will make a huge difference. It’s always best to see a doctor for an eye exam so you can take early precautions. While it’s important to stay connected, your eyes will appreciate it!

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