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rejuvFunctional medicine engages a patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership that seeks to find and address the underlying causes of a disease using a systems-oriented approach to help a patient take ownership of their health.


There are functional medicine options in Arizona with Rejuv Medical Southwest. Dr. Jonathan Tait is the president of the company, with a passion for safe, effective and sustainable treatments for musculoskeletal injuries and other health ailments. He is joined by Dawn Anthony, MS, AT, and Janet Neustedter to make up the practice.


The practice uses medical exercise as well as lab tests for allergies, stress, metal toxicity and vitamin testing. The practice has tons of success stories from those who have used their services. Take control of your health today with Rejuv Medical Southwest.


For more information, or to schedule your consultation, call Rejuv Medical Southwest at 520-777-9385.