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What is H2 Waterful?

h2Staying fit and healthy and looking good is a hugely important for a large amount of people in this world , be it exercise , eating healthy and of course drinking healthy. Did you know that the tap water we drink often contains containements and harmfull bi products? Did you know that the bottled water we are sold is in fact one of the most harmful forms of waste we dispose of? What if there was a solution to both of these that is not only healthy for you but healthy for the environment? Well thankfully there is a new  IndieGoGo campaign which offers all of this! We introduce you to H2 Waterful – THE GENERATOR THAT GENERATE HYDROGEN WATER AND MAGNETIC WATER IN ANY KIND OF WATER.

What are some of the benefits of this product?

  1. Hydrogen Water
  2. Hydrogen Water
  3. Magnetic Water
  4. Self Cleaning
  5. Touch Screen
  6. Colorful LED

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit their campaign today and make sure you back this new great healthy product!