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Hydrogel Buttocks Injection

Women have always been particular about having if not big buttocks at least a presentable one but unluckily for some women, not all women are blessed with these. So, women who were not naturally blessed with these dream size or shaped buttocks have been left to manage what they have but now they have the opportunity to get that derriere they always wanted with hydrogel buttock injections.


What is Hydrogel Buttocks Injections?

Hydrogel buttocks injection is almost like silicon buttocks injection. But it is a procedure whereby a hydrogel solution of 2.5% Polyacrylamide and 97.5 % water is injected into your buttocks. As soon as the injection is administered, the buttocks are massaged to your desired shape, after which you would be wrapped in compression bandages until a two days period.

Advantages of Hydrogel buttocks injections

  1. The results become visible after two weeks, which is faster than most buttocks injections
  2. There is minimal swelling after the procedure.
  3. You require less recovery time than other procedures. After two days, your bandages come off and you are ready to go.
  4. The procedure is scar-free, which means you can show off your new and improved butt in a tiny bikini if you choose.

More now than ever, people are unhappy with their physical appearance. Thanks to modern-day technology and medical advancements, we can now employ the use of plastic surgery and injections to help give someone their ideal body. You only have one body, after all, so why not make it look the way you want it to with the help of medicine?


If you’re looking for a product that is designed to safely add to you or your patient’s posterior, you can get hydrogel buttock injections with Activegel.


Activegel products are made from environmentally-friendly and non-hazardous synthetic material, so you don’t have to worry that what you’re putting into your body is unsafe. This means that patients won’t typically experience any side effects. The product has been tested by a number of professionals, all of which believe the product is safe to use when used correctly by a medical professional.


Additionally, the filler is simple to use, and no more painful for patients than a simple injection. Lastly, the products from Activegel lasts for more than 5 years in your body.


hydrogel butt injections are perfect for aiding in contouring the body and getting it looking the way you or your patient want it to be.


You can purchase Activegel wholesale or retail. For more information, or to purchase this product today, visit or call +380 (99) 000 8888 or email



With Hydrogel buttocks injections you can also be one of those women with sexy derriere that you always admired