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Low Testosterone Treatments & Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is produced in testicle and this hormone is well responsible for maturity of the men’s sexual characteristics such as growth of hair, excavating of voice as well as production of the sperm. Though the testosterone is also considered as the male sex organ, this is even produced in the female ovaries but in the small quantity that promotes the healthy sex life and also perfect well being of the women.



In case there is the low production of such specific hormone specifically in men, they then start to suffer from different kinds of ailments such as reduced sex drive, poor and bad erection depression, impotence, obesity, low self esteem, & even at times diabetes with major heart problems. However, the side effect of the levels of low testosterone in both female & male just never be over highlighted, as it also contributes above 70% of the general well being about the individual specifically to men. Just like this saying that is about, “each identified problem should also have the proper solution”. Hence, low level of testosterone has various treatments available like Low Testosterone Treatments & Replacement Therapy which is natural and few others are known to be artificial.



However, use of the artificial treatment for enhancing the level of testosterone is at times suggested by few physicians to the patients. Few of such treatments also consist of testosterone injections as well as the capsules, therapy of hormone replacement etc. Although artificial and low testosterone that are treatment can help to restore levels of testosterone, but their side effects can also be quite overwhelming. Few side effects are like frequent Mood Swing, liver diseases, acne, sleep apnea, baldness, heart attacks as well as childlessness because of enhanced level of red blood cell with the decrease in the count of sperm.


Natural treatment of the low levels of testosterone is more desirable, highly suggested and with just little or even no side effect. Below mentioned are some ways you may treat the low levels of testosterone naturally.

• Exercise: though extreme exercise & even stress will negatively affect production of the testosterone however exercise mainly exercise of weight training help to retain the normal levels of the testosterone. However, the frequent as well as the intense exercises in just short time period helps pituitary gland for increasing production of the testosterone. Few of exercises suggest for treatment of the low testosterone that is; bench press, squats, pull ups, dead lifts and some others.

• Adequate rest with proper sleep are even required for the treatment of low testosterone.

• For the fast and the better result for treatment of the low testosterone, herbal or the natural supplement is required. Few of such supplements such as tribulus terretris, rhodiola rosea, passion RX,  catuba bark powder and mucuna pruriens etc will also help in restoring the lost ego by persuading pituitary gland to enhance the level of the testosterone production naturally particularly when it is well combined with the proper diet, exercise, rest & also sufficient sleep.


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