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Optometrx Optometry

opto1Are you experiencing issues with your vision? An eye exam is a fast, easy process that will analyze exactly what’s wrong with your eyes. With professional service Optometrx Optometry have everything you need to get your sight right.

Take a contact lens exam to see if your eyes are suited for contacts. We have a full range of lenses and solutions, along with expert advice to help you use them correctly.

If you aren’t suited for contacts, then we have a wide range of the finest frames for you to choose from. Wear your new glasses with style, Armani, Versace, Oakley, Tiffany and Ray-Ban are just a few of the top lines of frames that we have on offer.

We understand that your new glasses are a key accessory for the future to come. With both style and function, we aim to make your glasses enhance your look, and your vision. Book a personal fitment today.