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Pan Card status

Basically, the PAN which is also known as the Permanent Account Number gets issued by Income tax department of India that helps to bring into taxpaying net of their incomes are calculated to be taxable. It is kind of an identification number that is meant for the Indians and also has to be obtained through income tax department that is well regulated by CBDT even known as Central Board of Direct Taxes. Prior to this, the PAN card usually was needed to get the phone connection, however these days, you would require it for opening the bank account, take some fees for the professional services that are provided and even for the salary.


So, when you will apply for the pan card, you can also check the pan card status without visiting the office or even without calling those people. Yes, it could be done online. With the advancement of technology you will be able to check the status of your applied PAN card by mentioning the acknowledgement number that was given to you while applying for pan card. In case you do not have this number you can also check the status by mentioning your date of birth and you name.

PAN card status

trackIt is a well-known fact that PAN Card is regarded as necessary as well as most significant document for entire citizens living in India. It is the document that plays important and key role for different kinds of financial transactions, thus, once you have filled in the request for applying the PAN Card you will definitely need to know the pan card status to know the status of pan card and so the check will help you to identify the exact status of application of your pan card like in case if there is any error or any missing documents then they will provide you the details on the site.


In case the pan card is processed then you will also get the details of despatch so you can keep a complete track on the despatch. Now, you must be thinking that what you should do to check the status, so you will need to either enter the name of applicant, as you have mentioned in the PAN card application or else you can also specify the application number of your request. Then specify your date of birth also and also your father’s name. After this, you need to click on submit button and get the status of the PAN card.