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What is a PCOS diet

pcosPCOS also know as Polycystic syndrome is a caused when a woman’s hormones are not aligned correctly, it can cause further problems such making it difficult to become pregnant and can also cause issues with a woman’s period cycle, if left untreated it can also cause unwanted changes in the way you look and in extreme cases if left untreated can cause further health complications such as various types of heart disease and even diabetes. Thankfully there are various methods to keep PCOS under control, of course this should not be substituted for a good healthy regime and diet as well as regular medical check ups, but it does mean you can keep it in check as much as possible.


Following a PCOS diet will help you to maintain good health levels as well as help your body naturally balance itself.  A good PCOS diet will help you regulate insulin levels in your body, this is important as many women with PCOS are resistant to insulin, which means the pancreas over produces this substance in order to help your body function correctly. High insulin levels can cause various damages to the body which is why it’s important these levels are reduced through a good diet regime such as  a PCOS diet. For more information your can read more about the PCOS diet here.  Stay fit and healthy and eat the recommended diet and before you know it you’ll be feeling much better again.