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All you need to know to truly embrace PGx Testing

Your next visit to your physician may be your most progressive experience! You and your physician will be able to plan a course of treatment that is “personalized” just for you.  As you continue to read the information in this introduction to “personalized medicine” you will learn how technology that’s currently available to ensure that future medications prescribed by your physicians, will be the right medication, the right dose, right from the beginning, and how current medications may need to be altered or removed from your treatment plan. You will join so many other patients that have embraced the latest advancements in medical science and taken steps towards eliminating their risk of an adverse reactions to medications, that may be right for someone else, but harmful for others.

The PGx test enhances the physicians’ ability to effectively perform his or her passion of caring for patients, and help to decrease the 106,000+ deaths that occur annually in the U.S. due to improperly prescribed medication which was a contributing factor in those deaths  The results of the PGx test clearly provides critical information showing which genes or enzymes are missing from your body, and allows the physicians to be confident about what is best for the individual patients, by removing the trial approach.



One prominent physician summed it up this way…..

“Medical school taught us to diagnose with science but when it comes to treatment it really is trial and error. We do the very best we can based on patient communication of their symptoms, test that we run or order, our own expertise and past experience with other patients that presented with  the same or similar symptoms.”

He’s excited to learn  of this advanced technology that he can now incorporate into his practice daily as a standard of care.

In Summary….

PGx testing looks at the genetics of a patient, then looks deeper into the drug responses to these genes. This means that you will be tested to see if there will be a negative reaction before you are personally administrated the medication(s).

Personalized medicine is often spoken of as something that’s coming at some point in the future, however with recent technology breakthroughs it is here right now.  With a personalized medicine regime; physicians are able to prescribe more suitable medication based on what your body will metabolize.

The process is fairly simple. The patient gives a saliva sample, which is then sent to a professional laboratory where it is tested and analyzed. A report is generated, sent to the ordering physician who will read and share the report findings with you the patient, which will then result in a personalized course of medicine.

Side Note…..

If you are seeing multiple physicians, make sure you share this information with all of your current care providers as well as future providers.

PGx is short for Pharmacogenetics, this test should be addressed at your very next physicians’ appointment as it will benefit both patient and physician.

This test really is changing the way physicians prescribe medication to their patients.

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