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Build a Stress Destroying Routine!

Stress relief

How many people where you work are stressed? Most people think they aren’t seriously affected by stress, when in actual fact, they either do not know how they are affected, or don’t want to acknowledge it. Stress is VERY real and can affect every aspect of your life, if you don’t handle it effectively. Stress really can make, or break you, your relationships and even your working future!


Building a stress destroying routine is a practical and effective way to eliminate stress and the negative impacts, it can have on you.


Your routine doesn’t have to take long, just ten – twenty minutes a day if done habitually can reduce many of life’s problems at work or at home.


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Iron It!


OK, nobody loves ironing! But, it is an important task that we must do to wear neat and crease-free clothing, right? The good news is – it can help beat stress. Ironing requires focus and involves repetitive back and forth movements. This takes your mind and thoughts off your problems and allows you to use this time to think about something positive and enjoyable that you want to achieve. Ironing helps you focus, while also using your muscles. Your muscles are `rhythmically relaxed’ with the back and forth action, this is similar to when you stroke a dog or a cat and if coupled with positive, deliberate thoughts can be an extremely beneficial activity. To use this time most effectively thoughts should be about things like what you will do at the weekend or where you want to go on holiday,etc.


It may sound funny but it works!




Exercise is an effective and healthy way to remove stress from your life. Regular exercise has many health benefits and it is a proven way to beat stress. While exercising, your body secretes stress-beating hormones like endorphins and dopamine. You can manage your weight, improve your health and also beat stress.


By increasing exercise for just a few minutes a day you will feel not only healthier but also more relaxed and able to cope with challenges that come your way.


A common misconception about exercise is that it must involve sweating or running etc. Exercise for you may just be a case of walking to work or around the park, taking the stairs or digging the garden.All of these things achieve the same goal, in a gentle way.




Of course, we all stretch at times, but most of us don’t do it consciously or habitually. Do you know stretching helps relieve stress? I found this idea in Stress Destroyers by Graham Alexander and it works like a charm.


These days many people go to yoga classes to control their weight and be healthy. Yoga is simply a way of stretching muscles, improving energy flow and developing flexibility.


However, in the office we don’t all have space to unroll a yoga mat, but there are other ways of applying this same principle to help eliminate stress.


I found the techniques in Stress Destroyers ease my tense and tired muscles instantly and leave me feeling more energetic.


What’s not to like about it?



Ten-Knot Talk


This is quite funny and childish, but it works. Pick a topic and decide you are going to come up with ten examples. It could be about your favorite places, dishes, or things you want to do, etc. As you think of each example, tie a knot. Once you are done with ten, pick another topic. Now, untie one knot for each example of the new topic. When you’re done, you will find that you are more relaxed.


Just a tip: Use a thick-ish string for this, so unknotting is easy!




One more reason to laze in the tub – destroy stress! Hydrotherapy is letting water massage you, while you relax. This is one of the best methods suggested by Graham Alexander and I do this almost everyday. It helps me refresh in the morning and unwind at night, effectively.


Like these, there are many easy but effective strategies that you can use to destroy stress. The key is not in a complicated solution, but one that you can do and one that works for you!


Stress Destroyers – Simple Techniques That Work by Graham Alexander is available for free download on March 23-27 here:


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