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The Advantages of Having Tantric Massage

massageTantric massage refers to an intimate massaging technique employed for promoting relaxation and creating more intimate connection in-between partners. This is exercised through sharing of energy and rhythmic breathing. Tantra massage is a hybrid of sexual energy and traditional techniques of performing a massage. The underlying principle here is awakening the seven centers of energy called chakras. These are situated along the spine, which the masseuse aligns in order to release stored energy. Blocked energy gets unreeled and flows throughout the body, beginning at spinal base, rising all across the remainder of your body.



Improvement of Breathing Techniques

Tantric massage oftentimes combines with pranayama breathing techniques. This aims at moving energy more effectively throughout the body. Performed regularly along with its associated breathing techniques, it may be used for improving breathing techniques. The action may improve alertness and capabilities of exercising. Improving breathing and relaxation could also improve time for healing from diseases and injury.



Relaxation of Mind and Body

Just as any other massage form, Tantric massage may be used for relaxing the body. Apart from alleviating physical ailments, it also causes emotional pain to subside within an individual. A good number of individuals claim experiencing less feelings of fear or guilt after getting it done. Certain individuals also become more energetic and alert and this fact which enables them to become more active during daytime and catch more sound sleep at night.



Sexual Arousal   

Couples may employ Tantra massage as a way of arousing their sexual energy. This might lead to greater intimacy in-between the two lovers, thus strengthening their relationship. This particular effect of Tantric massage makes it necessary to observe caution when working with a professional. When it is done within a professional setting, ensure informing your masseuse of any sensations which you find too intimate or uncomfortable.



How to Perform Tantric Massage

Tantra massage is performed in several steps, the first of which is creating a comfortable atmosphere. Utilize gentle lighting like candlelight in order to minimize distractions. You may lower wattage on lamps within the room if lacking candles. Some people opt for soft music or even light incense that creates intimate and relaxed state for performing the massage.

After the stage is set, the individual receiving massage should lay face-down on the prepared surface. The arms should assume a slight V shape away from body, with legs spread out slightly to form a V shape. You may position these limbs by yourself in order to forge more intimate connection. This allows you to focus on breathing and keeping breath in sync with the ongoing massage.



At this point, the tantric massage assumes a personalized form in-between the masseuse and person getting massaged. When conducting it, the hands should be moved over body beginning with light fingertip strokes, before proceeding to whole caresses and hand-strokes. Avoid restricting the strokes to a given body part, but apply them evenly to the back and front body parts for the entire duration of your massage. Tantric massage centres on the connection formed between masseuse and person undergoing massage.

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