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How to Prevent Discoloration and Keep Your Teeth White

We absolutely LOVE our coffee in the morning and some of us simply can’t go through the day without having a cup of this fabulous beverage. The daily dose of caffeine helps us jump start the work day, lighten up those lazy Mondays and set the mood for the entire work week. While some see coffee as their morning wake-up drink, others go for tea. Whether it’s black, green or Oolong, there are some of us who can’t imagine a day without their favorite cup of tea.



Obviously, these little, daily habits help us go on and put a smile on our faces in the morning, but can they make our smiles less sparkling in the long run? How can we keep our teeth white and what habits do we have to give up to? Let’s take a look here:

Do coffee, tea, and sodas stain your teeth?

The short answer is YES! These three common drinks are the main culprits behind tooth coloring and yellowing.

As we all know, the enamel which covers your teeth is the hardest surface in the human body. But, unfortunately, after years of being bombarded daily with caffeine and sugar, the enamel slowly changes its color. This is because the microscopic pits and ridges in the enamel become larger and will hold particles of food and drink. The pigments from coffee, soda or tea become embedded in those cracks and will cause permanent staining. These small stains eventually turn into a general yellowish or brown color which covers all your teeth.

Keeping your teeth white becomes a challenge, especially when you like to sip on your coffee or tea for hours on end. The obvious thing to do if you want to keep your teeth as white as possible is to give up completely on caffeinated drinks: coffee, tea and soda. But let’s face it, this is not an option for any of us. However, what you can do to limit the effect of caffeine on your teeth is to drink your coffee on during specific coffee breaks or during your lunch break. After finishing your drink, you should rinse your mouth with mouthwash or brush your teeth to remove the pigments from your teeth. Another tip is to use a straw when drinking your coffee or tea. You will attract the odd look in the lunch room, but it definitely helps.

Will smoking stain your teeth?

Smoking is another habit that will destroy your white smile in no time. The nicotine present in cigarettes and cigars reacts with the enamel on your teeth and will give them a yellowish hue. Unfortunately, nicotine can also damage your gums and promote tooth decay, especially if you have poor oral hygiene.

The best way to avoid nicotine staining is to cut out cigarettes and nicotine completely, but if that is not an option, there are other things to try out. Smoking breaks should be planned throughout the day: for instance, have a smoke break after the lunch or before dinner. You can eat your lunch, have a coffee and smoke a cigarette together, and afterwards, you can brush your teeth. Similarly, you can use mouthwash after smoking, or you can chew a piece of whitening gum.

Other things you should avoid

Wine, both red and white, soy sauce, tomato sauce and cranberry juice are other beverages which can stain your teeth and you should try to avoid them. These drinks might not stain your enamel directly, but they are particularly acidic and may actually damage the integrity of the enamel. For instance, red or white wine is highly aggressive on the enamel, and you should brush your teeth after drinking it. Other teeth staining foods include colored candy, sweetened drinks, ice cream and other highly processed foods. Food coloring, according to experts, is one of the most important dangers to your teeth. You should also avoid eating berries on a daily basis, as they are high in chromogens, a chemical compound which affects enamel.

Can swimming take away your smile’s sparkle?

New studies show that swimming might cause a discoloring of your teeth and damage your enamel. This is because the chemicals in the pool water, typically chlorine, can erode the enamel. The condition, although rare, is called swimmer’s calculus and it affects regular swimmers. Try to brush your teeth after each swimming session to avoid this condition, especially if you are an avid swimmer.

There are a lot of habits that damage our white, sparkling smiles, and fortunately, many of them can easily be avoided without having to change our lifestyles dramatically. If in need of advice or help on how to remove tooth staining, contact Orlando Smiles. Together with a good oral hygiene, we can have the perfect white smile we have always dreamed of.