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Tooth Implants vs. Dentures

Many people suffer from tooth loss. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons provides statistics that claim nearly 70% of Americans, between the ages of 35 to 44, in the United States have lost a tooth. The reasons for this are varied, from accidents to gum disease. What this shows is that nearly all of us can expect to lose a tooth in our lifetime. This can be a serious issue, affecting self-esteem and nutrition. So many people are forced to make an important dental choice: tooth implants or dentures?


An Overview of Dentures

Dentures are artificial replacements for lost teeth and their surrounding soft tissue. They are separated into the categories of ‘conventional’ and ‘immediate’. Conventional dentures are tailor-made and take several weeks to manufacture and arrive, but they should be perfectly fitted for the mouth they are designed for. Immediate dentures are ready as soon as the teeth are removed, but as gums need time to settle after such a procedure, they can cause irritation and damage to remaining teeth after they have been implanted.

Dentures are cheaper than dental implants. Unfortunately, many people suffer from ill-fitted partial dentures, which may increase the chances that tooth fillings on adjoining teeth will be needed. They can also slip out of place during mealtimes and while speaking, which can be quite embarrassing. However, even with this taken into account, dentures might be the better option for people suffering from weak or unhealthy gums and jaws.

An Overview of Tooth Implants

Dental implants are considered the higher-end option for replacing teeth. The term ‘dental implant’ refers to the artificial root of the tooth. A crown is then attached. Titanium dental implants are placed into the jawbone by a dentist who specializes in implanting them. Each implant can usually support two teeth, and they typically (over 95% of cases) last a full lifetime.

Dental implants are expensive. They can cost over $2000 per-implant (or for every two teeth) and many are needed for a full set. This may be financially unaffordable for most people, especially considering that the implants may need to be replaced as time goes on. They also take some time to heal and can be temporarily uncomfortable after the surgery. But the results tend to be stronger, and last longer, and they’ll never fall out — rather, they will be cared for in much the same manner as the teeth they will be replacing.

A Side-By-Side Comparison

Dental implants and dentures are both realistic and viable options for replacing missing teeth. Both offer great security when it comes to your dental health, and both are fairly reliable. But depending on your financial situation, as well as the state of your gums, dental implants are usually the recommended way to go.

At the end of the day, your own personal choice is the main factor. Some people are more comfortable with dentures, while others would prefer tooth implants. Your dentist can always help you through this decision and help you understand which method will be best for your condition and the long-term health of your teeth.