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The Pro’s and Cons of Tooth Whitening Techniques


Most people would admit that they want whiter teeth. It’s a standard of beauty in society that can be very difficult to maintain, as people introduce incredible amounts of sugar into their diets. The buildup of plaque is something everyone seeks to avoid and yet very few of us find ourselves successful in doing. As such, there is a market for tooth whitening methods. And where there is a market, there will be products to fill it.

When looking into tooth whitening methods, you need to decide which route you want to go on. The more expensive (but effective) professional treatments, usually done by trained professionals within dental surgeries, can set you back up to a thousand dollars. Meanwhile, home treatments (usually over-the-counter within most pharmacies) can be as cheap as twenty dollars, even though they might not be as effective. You need to decide which method suits you. But both also offer disadvantages, which are also worth discussing.

Pros Of Professional Methods

The main advantage of getting your teeth whitened professionally is the result. Most of the time, home methods simply cannot compare with the results from professional tooth whitening. The professional doing the operation can customize the experience for each person. A higher concentration of bleaching agent will lead to whiter teeth, but if someone doesn’t want that or a particular issue with their teeth makes it painful to have so much of the agent, a much lower level can be used.

Another advantage is that it is much quicker. Usually, your procedure can take a little under an hour. Even take-home kits that a dentist decides to provide are more effective than the over-the-counter that constitute ‘home methods’. There is also the added benefit of it being safer to have the procedure performed by a professional. Bleaching teeth is usually a safe procedure to do, but occasionally over-the-counter kits can lead to issues that could not have been foreseen, especially when it comes to enamel and gums.

Cons Of Professional Methods

The main drawback when it comes to getting your teeth whitened professionally is the cost. The procedure can cost a thousand dollars at the upper limit, far outside what most people are willing or able to pay for. Even the cheaper options still cost up to two hundred dollars. This high price can simply be too much for people, depending on the importance of their teeth as well as their financial situations.

Another drawback to professional methods can be tooth sensitivity and discomfort. Many people report something as simple as a cold wind affecting their teeth after getting the procedure done. Eating and drinking can also be affected, especially when consuming hot or cold food. However, apart from this, there are no serious drawbacks and the effect of sensitivity will fade over time. If you are feeling serious pain, tell whoever is performing this process on you to stop, as this is not normal.

The Pros Of Home Kits


One of the main advantages of using a home kit to whiten teeth is, of course, the price. These kits can cost twenty dollars and still work to the desired level. The procedure is different, usually involving putting strips onto the teeth rather than using a laser to remove the plaque, but the effect will usually be the same – a white, healthy-looking smile. As such, someone might decide that this method would be preferable to getting the job done professionally.


Another large attraction to home kits is the control you have over it. If someone is to get their teeth whitened by a professional, then the professional is the one who decides when you are done. This might not agree with what you want from the operation. Some people like their teeth to still appear ‘natural’, or find that an extremely white smile contrasts poorly with the skin color. Whatever the reason, home kits can take several sessions to work, so you can decide when you’re done with it.


The Cons Of Home Kits


When someone goes about wanting to get their teeth whitened, they want to go for a brighter, whiter smile. Home kits don’t always achieve this. Due to lacking the careful, professional eye of someone who would do this procedure professionally, some of these kits can lead to mistakes and issues when it comes to applying them. As such, you might find yourself without the desired effects and feeling let down or disappointed with the overall experience.


Another drawback can be the damage you could potentially cause. While it’s recommended you ask your dentist about the procedure either way and get a professional opinion, you don’t need a prescription to buy home whitening kits. You might not be aware of an issue involving your enamel (the hard part of the tooth) or your gums. This can lead to some obvious problems when going through this procedure. For help and assistance with teeth whitening procedures, talk to a local dentist like Dr. Charmaine Johnson at Premier Smile Center in Fort Lauderdale for more information.