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Keep that smile white with Sonicare

Sonicare FlexCare Platinum is a powerful toothbrush with lots of attractive features that are as surprising as its effects. It is clinically verified to completely remove 6x more plaque as compared to a normal toothbrush, and to considerably decrease bleeding and gingivitis in just the period of two weeks. An instinctive strain sensor and nine combinations of total brushing offer adapted care with interactive direction to assist your patients correctly brush.



The advanced head of the brush features long size of bristles to perfectly reach between the small areas of teeth, cleaning more plaque that other toothbrush can’t. With extra specific bristles for extrinsic stain removal and gum care, this toothbrush is clinically verified to get better the health of gum and decrease gingival and gingivitis bleeding. You can get more information from toothbrushes Online Sonicare page.

This useful tooth brush combines the entire effective knowledge that Philips has crop up and added some wonderful new attractive features to offer you the best that the organization has to present. Even, it is just one in the complete range that has a strain sensor that is a very important feature in this electric toothbrush.  So, go online and get it now.


Oral B and Sonicare are two important producers of electric toothbrushes in market. Both of these popular companies give different models of toothbrush that retail at unreliable prices and that are perfectly planned to clean teeth very efficiently than you would through normal brushing. Sonicare presents huge lines of useful and effective electric toothbrushes these comprise the, Flexcare, which is one of the best selling tooth brushes in the market. This useful and electronic brush has in built UV sanitizer which will perfectly kill different type of bacteria on your brush. This effective toothbrush even has a beat rated in the series of 31,000 pulses for each min. some other models of sonicare products comprise Sonicare Healthy white, Essence, Elite and Sonicare For Kids.


The company’s product, Kids brush is specially planned for sensitive gums and small mouth of your child. This wonderful Kids brush has an integral kid timer that encourages perfect habits of brushing by slowly improving the time of brush over period of three months thus your child would also become aware of once they are properly brushing for the time of two minutes. This effective timer then supports kid to maintain brushing for the complete two minutes after the initial period of three month.


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