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Keep your home pest free

pestDid you know that rats are a serious health hazard? They carry a whole range of diseases which are both dangerous to humans and any pets you may have in your home. The black plaque was caused by rats and there are many academics in this world which have the opinion that unless we change the way we live and start to eradicate these pests then the day could come where we are looking at a new black plaque.

Don’t let this worry you for now as there are some things you can do to reduce this pests in your own home or apartment, thankfully there are some great products on the market such as this rat bait which are non-harmful to humans but work to eradicate these pests in your own home. Rats can also cause untold damage to your structure of your home and the electrical work so it’s best to get this done sooner than later.

What you need to know about cellphone radiation

Will you be as smart this time next year if you continue to hold your unprotected cell phone next to your brain?

Still holding your unprotected phone next to your head? Cell Phone manufacturer place warnings in their user manual and inside the operation system stating that radiation levels can surpass unsafe levels when hold next to your head.

The State of Maine joined the list of States pushing for legislation for health warning labels to provide consumers the “right to know” information on cell phone usage. Not only is your cell phone reported to break down the body’s blood brain barrier, but also affects your ability to absorb information, especially in young adults.
A properly manufactured phone case with the correct shielding material on the front of the phone case can provide excellent cell phone radiation protection. Cruz cases ( offer excellent radiation protection to over 22 different phones.

Radiation is absorb if you carry your phone in your pockets. Distance is your best friend. However if you must hold your phone next to your body, consider some level of protection on your phone. More information found at

Documented Research on the benefits of using a sauna to improve the body’s immune response and circulation

saunaAre you considering buying a sauna? Saunas can be useful to relieve the symptoms of a variety of medical disorders and conditions. There has been Documented Research on the benefits of using a sauna to improve the body’s immune response and circulation. By increasing your body’s temperature environment and controlling it effectively, a sauna increases the detoxification of the blood through increased oxygenation of the blood and the breakdown of free-radicals in the blood stream.

Athletes have long realized the importance of the sauna in their recovery from strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. It has become a regular part of most athlete’s routines, from social gym goers to professional fighters, they all see the importance of the sauna and its results.

It is not just athletes that can benefit from a sauna. Documented research has proven that regular use of the sauna can benefit anyone of any age. From relieving the pain of arthritis to relaxing a tight muscle, a sauna has a place in anyone’s routine and anyone’s home.