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Used and new treadmills

total1Fitness is important, any which way you look at it, if you are trying to improve your health, then you not only need to eat a good diet, but you need to do some sort of physical activity that elevates your heart rate as well. Science has proven that raising one’s heart rate to above 135 beats per minute for at least five minutes consecutively, has a remarkable effect on the bodies general physical well-being, but has benefit for the cardio-vascular system as well, keeping you active into your old age. The most common form of exercise for physical health is running. Running, where it is just you and the road and maybe your iPod. The benefits of a jog or a run every day will have you feeling fit as a fiddle in no time flat. Check out Treadmills For Sale



Running can be done anywhere and at any time, well, on most days at least. On those that are pouring rain, going for a run might not be such a great idea, getting your running shoes soaked and having the cold rain pump down on you is the surest way to give yourself a cold. That’s when it’s time to consider taking advantage of new or used treadmills to keep your training going even when the environment is doing its best to force you to take a rest day. A treadmill is a modern marvel and there should be one in every home, which is good news for you because there are sure to be a couple of quality used treadmills for sale in your area. The bonus of buying used treadmill is that it will cost a lot less that buying one brand new. However, the downside is that you don’t know how it was used previously and what the owner was using it for. The last thing you want is to purchase a treadmill and have it breakdown two weeks into your training, leaving you unable to use it or unable to get your run in.


Setbacks happen in training, but they shouldn’t come because of sub-standard equipment defaulting on you, so make sure that when you go to buy a used treadmill, that you ask the owner how long they had it for and what kind of training they did on in. The best treadmills to purchase used are the ones that were purchased by people that never used them and are looking to just get rid of them. Often these people are so disgusted by their own in ability to use it, that they will sell it to you at a bargain price. A quick look through your local classifieds or craigslist online will give tons of results of treadmills for sale, make your list, find your bargain and them go out to the person to view the treadmill, simple as that. As a friendly tip, always make sure that the person selling the used treadmill turns it on in front of you and then walk a couple of metres on it to make sure that everything feels ok with it. You can view some awesome Used and New Treadmills here


total5The other option is to buy a new treadmill. This may be a bit more expensive a solution but the money savings that you might get should a second hand treadmill break-down on you, are well worth the little bit extra upfront. At least them you will know that it has only ever had your feet on the mill and you know that it hasn’t been abused or previously repaired. Most new treadmills also come with a guarantee and a service plan or at least a service centre that you can take it to should it break down. Whether or not you decide to go for a new or used treadmill is up to you and up to your budget that you have set aside for the machine. Before you just buy a used treadmill, go down and have a look at the pricing of new ones first, this will also give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay and what kind of discount you could expect from buying a second hand machine.

Once you have purchased your new or used treadmill, it’s time to get working! Make sure you set up a schedule to train for at least 25 minutes every day, the most effective time of day to train is in the morning when you are still fresh, if you manage to keep consistent with it, you will begin to see results and feel them in your daily activities within two to three weeks, then you will know it’s time to up the game a bit and increase your speed at which you are walking or running. Good luck with your new or used treadmills and good health to you!

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