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Best Foods for Weight Loss in Belly

Author Eliza Ryland



Belly fat is one of the hardest types to hide. It just protrudes out of the midsection, catching the eye of everybody who walks passed. Even if you’re in decent shape, your belly may still stick out somewhat. This makes it impossible to wear tight clothes or even old clothes from your wardrobe. Your only option at this stage is to tackle the bulge and regain your slimline figure. Are you up for the challenge?


Weight Loss in Belly


If you are, here’s something to help you. We’re going to share the best food for weight loss in belly.


Chili Peppers


Chili peppers are more than just delicious, they’re fat burning superfoods. Whether you like yours extremely hot or just medium heat, they’ll help you battle against the bulge. Chili peppers are one of the best foods for weight loss in belly as they speed up your metabolism considerably. That means, even while you’re sleeping you’ll be burning off more calories than you’d have been otherwise.


Green Tea

Weight Loss in Belly2

Ok, so green tea isn’t technically a food, but we’re going to include it on this list anyway. Green tea is a strong antioxidant and so can help break down fat cells in the body, making you look slimmer faster. Green tea can be consumed multiple times a day, so you can increase its powerful effects. It’s also an energy-booster, and is the perfect drink to consume before a workout. You’ll go harder for longer, meaning you’ll be on your way to slimming down in no time.




Nuts do contain some fat, so don’t eat too many. One handful a day though can make the perfect snack. Nuts are filled with all kinds of good things such as magnesium, zinc, potassium and vitamin E. They’ll also keep your feeling contented so you don’t reach for the snack jar. Almonds and cashew nuts are great types to snack on, but as we said, do keep it to a handful.




Spinach is an alkaline food, which many believe aids weight loss. This green veg helps clear out your arteries reducing the risk of heart disease, as well as prevents against muscle loss. A small plate full of spinach a day will provide you with many of your much-needed vitamins, as well as a large dose of fiber. For taste, opt for baby spinach, or wilt it into a salad if you wish to consume more of it.




A great body is made in the kitchen. No matter what claims a special exercise plan makes, you won’t achieve any results unless your diet is bang on point. Don’t leave something so important to chance. Take note of the foods we’ve mentioned above, which all have powerful weight loss properties. If you aren’t already, try to include more of them in your diet.