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Everyone is Offering the BEST


Let’s face it. There are plenty of advertisements- well, everywhere- that scream of offering the “best” product, plan, equipment, you name it, out there so you too can have a healthy lifestyle like everyone else. What’s the truth? What actually does work?


If you’ve found yourself asking this question even more often these days, you aren’t the only one. It seems as if every market- from travel to business- and all things in between speak constantly of being in great shape and how those that are, fair better out in the world and they do this for good reasons as it’s important we’re good to our bodies with both a good healthy diet and regular exercise.


Common Sense


So what is it that will really help you to live this healthy lifestyle? Well, obviously, your food choices come into play. You can’t sit around eating fried chicken all the time and expect to be healthy! You also need to eat whatever it is that you do eat, in moderation. A little of everything is better than a whole lot of one thing. Keep it balanced. Protein, carbohydrate, fruits and veggies. Sweets only as special treats and limit those to one time a week and look after your well-being, after all we all only have 1 life to live and we should treat it with the respect it deserves.


Do What You Like


If you are all gung-ho in wanting to be healthy and decide you’re going to hike as part of your exercising routine, but you hate to be outside with bugs and dirt, how long are you REALLY going to hike? I’d give it a week or two before you’ll be disgusted with it! You don’t need to do something new. If you like to swim, then sign up at a fitness club that offers an indoor pool. At least it’s something you’ll enjoy doing and you can also plan to do it year round.


If you’ve decided you are going to run for exercise but you have bad knees and really aren’t in any shape to be running (yet), then don’t try it! Choose to walk briskly for 30 minutes instead of running. You’ll accomplish your realistic goal this way and you’ll more than likely continue with the exercise program. Walking briskly really is good for you. Going faster isn’t always best!


Speaking of Goals


Say you want to lose 50 pounds and you come up with the plan you feel you’ll need to incorporate in order to succeed. You need to have many smaller goals lined up between your zero pounds lost and the 50 total. This will help you to stay motivated, as well as make you feel like you really are accomplishing something while on your way to the 50 pound “grand goal” and greatly reduced fat loss.


For instance, you could say that you plan to walk briskly for 15 minutes in the first week. Stay away from determining a number of pounds you want to lose weekly. More often than not, you lose inches before you see the pounds go down so if you are focused on a specific number of pounds to lose every week, you’ll likely become disappointed rather quickly.


Focus more on the exercise you are performing weekly instead of on the weight loss itself. If you are using an elliptical, challenge yourself to stay on it for so many minutes at “such and such” level. Increase it a little every week. You’ll find that you’ll not only reach your total weight loss goal, you’ll have fun doing so and will learn to make better food choices in the process.


For more information and tips on living a healthy lifestyle, visit . You can also read more about them here or why not view their resources page here or if social media is your thing you can have a chat with them on Facebook or twitter.

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Get fit with PlayEnable

Are you a fitness fanatic? Or perhaps you’re looking to get fit and healthy and you’re not sure where to start? There are countless great personal trainers, yoga teachers, martial arts experts etc.. out there! The problem is finding one that’s good for you and which of the fitness regimes you should choose. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. First off we’re going to tell you about this amazing new site which is 100% location based and lets you find the perfect fitness match for you. It’s called you’re able to sign up for free and user the ultra simple user interface you input the desired keywords and presto! Playenable will find the best suit based on your preferences and most importantly your location! Now you’re asking, well what do I choose. We’ll run through 3 great choices quickly.




Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise that has been practiced for centuries originated in India, Yoga focuses on a view to attain a state of permanent peace of mind in order to experience one’s true self. Practicing Yoga will not only bring added fitness levels to your life but it will also increase your concentration, health and wellbeing overall. Yoga is a great way to get into fitness for beginners and an even better way to meet like minded friends. Our opinion, great start level, so why not sign up to playenable today where you can find a qualified Yoga teacher near you.



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Martial Arts

Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and is not only enjoyed by men and women alike but is a amazing way to  tone your body and teach yourself self defence.  You can start with easy beginner classes which you can find here through playenable and work your way up or you can even jump right into advanced classes if you’re at that level already.

So there we go, a quick run down on what we think are great ways to get into fitness. Just a few more facts about playenable before, just because we love it so much! Have fun finding your next fitness partner.


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