Catheter holder

Catheter holderUsing the Catheze for holding & positioning the urinary leg bag removes every worry and concern that the leg bag would slide down from your leg, thereby permitting you to move in a free manner, to be relaxed as well as to maintain the active lifestyle. The completely adjustable belt allows you with security & freedom to wear the urinary leg bag at any place you select. It may be secured at inner thigh, upper and lower thigh, ankle, calf, it is completely your choice. Catheze is the Catheter holder which is quite and it is easy to wear, simple to adjust according to your needs so above all, it is quite comfortable as well as discreet. Dissimilar to usual leg bag straps, it is new device for urinary incontinence management which will not even pinch the skin and that eliminates “pull” on catheter tubing on the other hand it allows you to position the leg bag, as high and low on the thigh as well as calf as you would wish.

This belt fits over your waist; either high or it may be low as per your preference. You need to place loop of length to be adjustable connector strap over your right and left side as well as slide to requisite position. Now, bottom end of connector strap gets connected to top of leg bag holder.