Check out the amazing health benefits of Zucchini

ZucchiniZucchini is a dark green or yellow squash that generally grows during the summer months and in abundance, allowing for a large grow season and plenty of food to around. It’s cool, light and refreshing, making it the perfect addition to your recipes. But do you know of all the health benefits of zucchini?


Bite into one of these crunchy gourds and you’ll have immediate access to antioxidants and vitamins A and C – a heart-healthy combination that can set you on the path to a better body and clearer mind. It’s full of essential water and dietary fiber, both of which are needed for energy and metabolism, and is a low-calorie option for snacking. The light cucumber taste makes it great for summer salads, as a sandwich topping or in more traditional foods like lasagna. Zucchini health benefits are widely used in nutritional plans and weight management, and can help you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle while suppressing your appetite and giving you the minerals you need.


Zucchini2In addition to the mentioned zucchini health benefits, eating this flavorful fruit helps to promote eye health. An abundance of beta-carotene and vitamins keeps your eyes shiny and bright while keeping free radicals from entering and causing damage – an important factor for every age group. Zucchini also helps hydrate your skin, providing an ample dose of pure, natural water for elasticity that, over time, can help you refrain from wrinkles, age spots and fine lines.





Zucchini3Zucchini also works its health magic to lower your cholesterol, giving aid to your liver in the elimination of fats, bile and acid. Your liver already performs these tasks, but with the addition of zucchini the process is made quicker and more efficient than if left alone. With lower cholesterol, you’re at a decreased risk of stroke, heart attack and other troublesome cardiovascular issues. Zucchini provides the powerful duo of potassium and magnesium, two minerals vital to heart health.





Omega-3 fatty acids combine with Vitamins A and C, copper and certain carotenoids that act as an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to reduce puffy skin and the symptoms of some diseases such as asthma and certain types of arthritis. The health benefits of zucchini also include preventative measures against cancer, prostate issues and sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases. Regularly consuming zucchini can also lower blood pressure and decrease the symptoms of hypertension, two factors that contribute to heart attack and other heart-related complications.


Sound convincing? Go ahead and try it for yourself, and make it a regular part of your diet to get all the health benefits of zucchini. Daily intake can set you on the right path for a lifetime of healthy eating habits and a fit body.




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