Comotomo baby bottles

babyWithout any doubt, breast milk is most effective and useful milk for your little one. It is germ-free, always accessible; you do not need anything else to nourish your small one. You do not need different type of nipples, bottles, sterilizers and some other paraphernalia related with feeding bottle. It even assists you lose weight, as breast milk has high amount of calories.

Though, there can be several reasons why you may choose bottle feed. You cannot be getting sufficient milk or your baby cannot be happy. You do not need to be on call to your kid 10 to 20 times in a day. You are doing work and have to be away. Or you only want a break. Obviously, always you can express breast milk and your kid can be feed by Comotomo baby bottles. If you are feeding your kid from bottle then you no need to feel guilty if you must bottle feed, whatever your cause for doing so. Most of the time it is a benefit to be able to feed from bottle, or else you continually tied down and it looks that you do something else, but feed your small one.