diabetesDiabetes is measured a serious friendliness because of its lasting existence, processes and likewise the complications which involves. Though, several people in the whole world suffer from the problem of diabetes, the expert not yet find out the actual source of its happening. It is very simple and necessary to declare that persons who are suffering from the problem of diabetes should request for medical assistance as early as they notice any unusual symptoms and possible changes in their body.

At start, the problem of diabetes takes place when the pancreas beta cells that make insulin are completely damaged. As all the people understand the food that they eat changes into sugar or glucose assisting human body to utilize for power. At the time, there are not beta cells to make sufficient amount of insulin in sort to transport the glucose in the human body cells, the amount of sugar keeps in the blood and as the human body can’t utilize the amount of sugar, it is felled over into the urine and completely lost. A lot more, the problem of diabetes can show the way to severe complications related to human health, like kidney failure, heart disease, lower-extremity amputations, blindness and in several cases also death.