E-cigarettes Vs. Vaporizers

E-cigarettes and vaporizers both contain e-liquid, which delivers nicotine to the user, but there are clear differences between these two devices.

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are aimed at helping people quit smoking, but due to the popularity of these devices they are being marketed towards non-smokers as well.

Electronic cigarettes can be found at grocery stores now and these look like traditional cigarettes. Vaporizers or vapor cigarettes on the other hand look completely different and are sold online or in specialized vape shops.

All these devices are operated through the use of a battery that can be recharged with a USB device. Many non-smokers usually opt for disposable e-cigs and others may choose rechargeable models so that they are able to get the best from them.


E-cigs and vapor cigarettes produce vapor, which means that users will not be inhaling the harmful chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes.

Both of these devices do have e-liquid that is heated to produce the vapor, but there is a difference in how this vapor is created.

An e-cigarette will heat the e-liquid and vapor cigarettes will slowly heat the e-liquid with warm air that is passed through the cartomizer at a preferred temperature setting. This means that there is no burning involved in the heating.

Vaporizers are also larger that e-cigarettes, which allow them to hold more liquid, have a longer battery life and produces larger vapor clouds.

Vaporizers are also more customizable than e-cigarettes. Users have a larger selection of e-liquids on offer and have more control over the temperature. Vaporizers also come in different styles, colors and sizes making them more personal to the user. Find the best vaporizers and e-ciggs at http://vapestore.co.za/

There are many that do prefer an e-cigarette, because it provides a harder throat hit that is akin to smoking a traditional cigarette.

However, there are vaporizers that can be customized so that users are able to get a better vape cloud and a better throat hit.

The user will have to decide between e-cigarettes and vaporizers and the decision will be based on what they are looking for and the experience they wish to have.