How a physio can help you.

physioManual therapy is basically the key focus of the practice philosophy as well as treatment approach of Dunsborough physio. It means that “hands on” methods of treatment which includes soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, and techniques for muscle release, spinal manipulation, movement techniques as well as dry needling. The practice has different kinds of treatment available in the rooms and also in the rehab gym. The team generally assists with the injuries across the range of different sporting codes. The physios are well experienced to working with the teams as well as organizations in the capacity of sports physiotherapy.


The importance to return to the sport is perfectly recognized by the team of experts and also through the various rehab methods which are highly effective. The Dunsborough Physiotherapists are basically specializes in the spinal, joint, ligament, muscles, tendon as well as the mechanical pain problems. The team is perfectly trained to diagnose as well as to treat the musculoskeletal injuries as well as the work through the biomechanical factors and also the load based issues. In the effect they are even mechanics for human body & also have the highly interactive approach to goals of the patient as well as the expectations of the treatment.