How To Avoid Pimples And Acnes At A Young Age

Avoid PimplesMany kids today are seen with acnes these days even before they touch their adolescent or teenage. Acnes were always associated with puberty with these days that doesn’t seem to be the case. Even before they attain their puberty they get acne solutionsand pimples on their face.

Impact of pimples and acnes on the kids

Having acnes may not seem as a great deal for many parents as they have crossed the stage, but kids today are over conscious. They are provided with over awareness of any issue that makes them very vulnerable. Acnes just don’t affect the face of a kid, but it also as a great impact on their feelings. They tend to feel shy and low and would even refuse to join others until they get rid of the pimples. They can’t be blamed as they might be the only kid in their class with a pimple and they could even be subjected to much fun in the class. This leads them to use all artificial products for cleaning the face from pimples.With too many advertisements of acne solutions  about eradicating pimple products over the television, there is no control on the extent they would go to clean away the pimple.



Even the parents are to be blamed for this attitude that has set in the younger generation. They do not teach their young ones that it is part and parcel of everyone’s life and rush them to the doctors as soon as they see a pimple on their kids face. Having acnes and pimples are not good, but taking medications bought over the counter might not be of great help.

Reasons for pimples

Pimples and acnes appear due to improper diet. The parents do not care for a proper diet at the young age. Almost all the kids are fed with junk food, which is loaded with fat and oil. This is the main reason for early puberty and breaking out with acnes and pimples. They fat loaded food not only makes the kid to become obese at a young age,  but also leads to more production of estrogen in their body. This is a major compound, which is related to the body attaining puberty. Fruits, which are competent of improving the vitamins in the body are mostly ignored by the kids and greens don’t even get a chance to be on a kid’s plate. These vegetables and greens help in digesting the fat and they do not allow the estrogen to over produce. Milk is totally ignored whereas milk helps in cleansing the body from all waste.



How to avoid pimples and acnes

Pimples and acnes can be avoided by including a healthy diet and by practicing good skin cleaning habits. Both these habits need the parents to enforce it on their kids. They should make sure vegetable and greens are added in their kid’s diet and it is good if it added at least twice in their weekly diet. Milk should be compulsorily given to kids, two glasses daily. Milk will cleanse the body from unwanted particles that cause the pimples.


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