How to pick a bug zapper

bugzapperAre bugs ruining your outdoor experience? Do mosquitos keep you up at night with their relentless buzzing? Bugs can be a pain in the neck, but now you can fight back with a Bug-zapper. Bugs are attracted to light and the Bug-zapper takes advantage of this instinct to lure them into a trap where they are vaporized.

You may be a bit confused on how to pick a bug zapper but it’s fairly simple. There are units available for indoor and outdoor use, outdoor units work with a combination of UV light and bait systems that attract the bugs to the trap. Select the right unit for your application and ensure it comes with day and night modes.

This trapping system is known as ‘The electric chair for bugs’ and is capable of executing all of the little nasties that would otherwise ruin your day or evening. Get protected with a bug-zapper and enjoy your indoor and outdoor lifestyle, free from the hassles of bugs.