How to stop a stomach ache

stomachThere can be nothing worse to have a stomach ache subsequent of eating everything you wish to eat and all you wish to do is to curl up in the ball on couch and also to try & ignore awful feeling that you possess. In case you understand that what created the stomach ache or even if you know How to stop a stomach ache, then chances are great that you may stop to have another session of discomfort in your stomach.  Eating quite fast and also the habit of not chewing your food properly is a main cause of stomach ache.


You should never forget to chew the food slowly & perfectly! In case you will eat your food quickly so you can swallow the air and can also cause gas & stomach aches. Just imagine how does the baby swallows the air while drinking the bottle & also creates gas as well as colic. Although adults have completely grown & developed digestive system, still there are possibly to swallow the air if people eat quite fast and creating stomach ache subsequent to eating. Moreover, if you will lightly chew the food, you will end up through huge food sizes in stomach hence stomach will work overtime & will also break more & less complete bite sized of the food pieces.