Improve The Intensity Of Your Workout With These 5 Tips

If you have been regularly working out at the gym for more than 6 months then you have probably already heard about the different ways you can increase your workout intensity as well as the results you gain from your training sessions. While most of that is ‘bro speak’ or ‘gym talk’ what we can do is list the top ways that we discovered in our research and testing, which can actually increase your workout intensity.


Tip 1 – Eat More Complex Carbohydrates


Avoid simple carbohydrate and instead try eating complex carbohydrate roughly about an hour before your training session. Complex carbohydrates like multi-grain pasta, multi-grain bread and sweet potato can help sustain long term energy. By eating them an hour before you train, you effectively load up your body with enough energy to sustain you throughout your workout. The more energy you have, the longer you can work out and the higher the intensity of your training and exercises.


Tip 2 – Pre workout Supplements


Boost your energy, focus, motivation and endurance with a pre workout. They can help change your mood from tired and worn down to energized and ready to workout. There are many different types of pre workouts, but the ones that can boost your mental alertness and overall intensity in the gym are ones that contain a mix of ingredients including; caffeine, green tea and creatine. In fact any of these pre workouts from Supplement Express are great for increasing the intensity of your training at the gym.


Tip 3 – Music


Music has a crazy ability to change the mood you are in. It works great when increasing the intensity of your workouts as the perfect song can give you amazing energy, strength and power. Try it next time you work out, switch to a song that gets your blood pumping just before your exercise and witness how far a change in music can really help up your workout intensity.


Tip 4 – Amino Acids


As you train, levels of amino acids drop in the body. These amino acids are needed to sustain performance and without them your performance and workout intensity can drop dramatically. An amino acid supplement can be consumed to combat this drop in intensity. They are convenient and taste great, simply, put the recommended scoop of you amino acid supplement into your water bottle and slowly sip on it as you train. It will help sustain energy and can even help in the recovery in-between sets.


Tip 5 – Stretch & Start Off Slow


Before you exercise make sure to stretch the muscles you are going to be working out. By stretching these muscles you are preparing them to function at their fullest potential. After you stretch, make sure to perform a low intensity compound exercise which targets all the muscle you are going to be training within that day. By starting off with a lower intensity you are preparing those muscle for the greater intensity to come. After finishing the first set at low intensity, increase the intensity and feel the extra mile you are able to perform, just by simply stretching and starting off slow.