lifeThe medical and biology fields are always growing as people will always have a need for doctors and researchers who will spend a lot of time in their laboratories. While in the lab, researches and doctors alike will need to record information on test subjects, samples, and patients.


Informeleon LifeScience Technologies, based in Germany, is looking to upgrade labs that are still using classic spreadsheets to keep up with their information. The company helps to analyze a laboratory’s needs as well as plan and develop a custom software to help integrate and store their data.


The company works mostly with biobanks and tissue banks as well as laboratories, medical institutions like doctor’s offices or hospitals, and more. Here are some of the services provided by Informeleon.



Informeleon knows that each laboratory has different needs. In order to accommodate the unique needs of each lab, Informeleon develops software that can be used as a web application or a desktop application. This is also great because it is custom designed to your needs and looks the way you want it to look.



It is always important to know what a customer wants before diving into a project. To be sure that the company will offer your lab exactly what it needs, Informeleon takes the time to discuss plans for the software in a consultation. You can learn how to support your lab digitally and how to integrate the new software into your current workflow.



Systems are seemingly always evolving in the technological world. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing technology associated with the medical profession. Often, some labs have software that is out-of-date and not of much use to them. Informeleon offers system renovations to keep your system up-to-date and useful.



This toolkit was developed by Informeleon. It depicts virtually any workflow, whether in a clinic or the laboratory. This information system includes separate modules for different subjects, samples, locations, studies, and shipping. It also allows for individuality, and can quickly bring your system into the future. The system is available in a trail version, which is free for as long as you’d like. There is also self-hosting. Self-hosting individual modules costs between 400€ and 500€. To use the basic, plus, or commercial package, it will cost between 1600€ and 4000€. There is cloud-hosting available for between 8.99€ per user per month and 12.99€ per user per month.



Informeleon LifeScience Technologies is a software developing agency based in Germany founded with the goal of providing individual systems and life4medical software to various laboratories in Germany. For more information, or to contact Informeleon to discuss creating a software for your bio or medical laboratory, visit the company online, email them at, or call +49-(0) 6734-9158820. You can also fill out a contact form online and follow or like the company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.