wellnessWith the goal of creating evidence-based employee wellness programs, LeFever Wellness has been collaborating with Corporate organizations to design workplace wellness programs for more than a decade through a combination of technology, on-site fitness, wellness programs and staff who are always within reach via various platforms and are committed to bringing corporate fitness to employees of companies. In comparison to other traditional corporate wellness programs, LeFever Wellness offers significantly better health outcomes, is focused on reducing health-risk factors and claims while producing a better profit from investments.

Corporate fitness is achieved by working with companies to motivate their employees via education, fitness, and practical life tools to help them bring about and maintain a healthy workplace culture and lifestyle.


Investing in the wellness of employees is never a bad investment. Obese and unhealthy employees have lower productivity, are usually absent from work for higher periods and incur higher care costs.

When employees can create healthy workplace habits, their general performance, attitude, and output improves positively.

Services offered by LeFever Wellness include

  • Onsite Fitness: Programs are tailored by instructors that are very supportive to meet the needs of employees of all levels and health status in corporate organizations
  • Education: Interactive group discussion sessions are organized to disseminate relevant information, debunk old wives’ tales, and demystify dark clouds as regards health and wellness. These discussions are tailored to involve every participant on personal levels with the topics discussed presented in simple and definite terms leaving out unnecessary technical jargon while retaining vital information. A specific segment called the life skills segment promises to offer participants tangible, relevant, and realistic ‘life-hacks’ to improve corporate wellness. Some of these life skills include:
  • Understanding food labels and their implications,
  • Understanding the impacts of fast food on health,
  • Planning healthy meals on a budget, etc.
  • Personal onsite consulting: Company employees are given the opportunity to relate issues to their personal health to well-trained coaches in a conducive atmosphere where they can be open and honest.
  • Weight loss and nutrition: With cases of obesity on an epidemic level, it is reported that approximately $190 billion is lost annually by corporations due to overweight and obese workers. Lefever Wellness offers corporate fitness by providing clear-cut instructions in programs designed to aid people to make significant adjustments to their diet to improve their health status.
  • Corporate loss prevention: With a team of trained experts capable of developing long-term programs to reduce the high cost of healthcare and minimize loss for your company, LeFever Wellness is an excellent choice for any company that cares about the wellness of their employees.
  • Chiropractic and Preventative Service: Commonplace ailments that occur on a regular frequency could have a negative impact on the performance of workers and incur avoidable expenses for the company. LeFever Wellness partners with experts in chiropractic and work-related injury to prevent and treat these ailments effectively.
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The overall wellness of employees has a direct impact on the wellness of the organization. Unhealthy employees will definitely have negative effects on the organization.  You can find out more by visiting http://lefeverwellness.com/ you can learn more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out some of their services. Of course if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.